Being very honest

Being very honest is anyone actually missing the football ?
Personally speaking I’m not missing any of it .
Something has died within football and Indeed The Arsenal and i cannot put my finger on it .
Has money and the media coverage taken football past the saturation point ?
All through the virus TalkSport has been relentless in its topic about football returning , so much so that I feel I don’t want football to return. Yes I’ve got the choice to switch channel but then SkySports are exactly the same .
Maybe I’m old , yes , but I remember the ‘good ol’days when football was a game and not a media dice that is tossed to make money .
I can appreciate times move on , we all do but sadly I’m not missing the football, even worse my club , The Arsenal


No, I’m not missing Arsenal in no mans land. Maybe I’m not a proper fan though?

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Is it the lack of success and the lack of ambition that has caused this ?
It’s an unanswerable question

More the lack of effort. If they were giving it all and not being primadonnas I could support them more. They seem to think they’re above any critique while not putting the effort in.

I have hopes on the youth because most of the established group I don’t have more love for.


Yes. A lot. Not just arsenal I miss football in general. Really enjoying the Bundesliga for this very reason


I think some things transcend football. The safety of ourselves and our loved ones takes precedence. I can’t see how a return of football could make me “feel” better.

There’s also a discord between club footballers and fans now. Case in point, look at how readily PL footballers are being tested for corona now due to Project Restart (and before, in fact)

Compare this to how tough it is for us mere mortals to be tested


I still , after all these years hate so many different kick off times .
Look at the FA Cup , 3pm usually the 2nd Saturday in January, commentators at every ground waiting for an upset , now it starts on a Thursday and fuck only knows when it ends, all to keep the television contracts happy .


Yes I’m missing it a lot.

I did enjoy football more though in the late 90s and 2000s though, think this is because Arsenal were stronger and we had less sugar daddy owners.

I also miss the fact teams had lots of traditional suburban home stadiums, don’t enjoy seeing them go with new stadiums that can all blend into each other.


Could be , it’s so difficult to answer

Because the PL have the MONEY to afford it from a private company

This isn’t taking anything away from the person on the street.

But you keep ignoring this part

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Nope not missing it at all. It’s a fun way to pass the time, wake up early in the morning get my coffee and turn on the matches, butttttt I’ve been having an issue with top level football for a while now. I’ve ranted all over the champions league thread as to how shit the sport has become and the CL is the best example of how soulless the sport currently is. It’s why I prefer the FA Cup to any other competition, even tho the giants just pay their way to the finals but at least there is some fun and an actual representation of the sport at its core in the earlier rounds. The jubilation of some small club that didn’t pay a billion quid for their squad, just hard work and playing as a team, knocking out a PL squad and getting to host United or someone like that is always fun to see :+1::+1:


Why don’t they use that money to give some tests to some of the f’ckin fans then?

It’s about gestures, it’s about community.

Football offers almost nothing to fans. Why should I waste my time with it?

Honestly some of the footy podcasts I listen to have been way more fun without any actual football to distract the from the nonsense. Stadio has been particularly on point with it’s what if episodes as well as superhero/supervillain XIs. The breath of football knowledge the hosts have is actually staggering.


The PL already gave the NHS 20m quid.

Good. It’s a start.

I’d still like to see more robust, quicker, efficient ways for “normal” people to get tested, though. If it’s a supply issue and it’s that the PL have potentially taken away from what the government can buy, then it’s a problem.

I’m sure some footballers have been tested more than once whereas a load of NHS workers haven’t been tested once. There is a disparity

It’s not. They haven’t. Government are just shit and slow at procurement.

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Not missing it at all. I just dont feel any belonging to Arsenal anymore and ive grown to hate the premiership.
Clubs turned into brands and the FA cup being allowed to die. Badges and club crests replaced by logos and icons.
Still have an interest in other aspects of the game at other levels, but the prem can fuck off and die.
Will always love what the club gave me. Good days. Great moments and bad. Most of all they gave me belonging. Not now though and the prem in general just has no link in the last few years with the past for me.


Honestly I’ve been completely fine without football as well, not missed it all.

I’ll enjoy it when it’s back, but Arsenal have been so poor for so long now it’s slowly but surely sucked the life out of it for me.


I’ve enjoyed the break from football actually rather than missing it, football involves emotional investment and all Arsenal was returning was negative energy as a whole for the past 2 seasons. To be quite frank I half forget our embarrassing knockout to Olympiakos which is for the best because a big part of that ‘negative energy’ (and I can probably speak for a few here) is how unlikable our current squad is.

But I do invest my time in other things anyway (E-Sports) so I always had a fallback, I do feel for those that don’t. The Club isn’t returning their goodwill.