Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

Mate…you will have Brown, Tatum, Giannis at 2, 3 and 4. What else could you want? I’m sure Boston will find a good point guard to add to that. Walker is very good, but not great. Anything that speaks for Smart (his defence) you don’t need with Giannis.


Is that actually happening?

Just a scenario, in case Celtics go all out for Giannis. But looks like the best one, imo.

That would be a terrible haul for Giannis if ur the Bucks. Would they give him up for that really? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

No way would Pat Riley let go of Herro too.

Depends if they could keep him now. Giannis’ agent said that he could stay with Bucks in 2021 Free Agency. Also, he really seems loyal, and that could happen. Anyway, if something might change, the best destinations for Giannis would be Celtics, Heat or GSW imo.

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If they can solve the insufficient back court, it will be great.
Giannis-tatum-brown front court can rule for years

It rarely ever works out when u trade a top 3 - 5 guy u ALWAYS lose. We’ve seen it with AD and the Pelicans in recent times. If I’m Milwaukee I do all I can to strengthen the team and hope he stays. If all else fails next year you do the KD deal where he signs the max contract with you because it will net him more money due to Bird rights and then u get the best haul u can.

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It also depends on the player.
Small market team, rarely win the championship.
Does Giannis want to be the MVP without a ring??

Player and personality. Giannis is a very loyal guy by the looks of it. He wouldn’t leave them high and dry I dont think. If Milwaukee makes the right moves they will make the finals next season.

If they couldn’t do this year, in the bubble, with an MVP year form Giannis, I’m not sure what they can add to make the finals.

I think the Nets will implode but they’ll be a factor next season

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Don’t think so, pal

Not a bad point. Bucks told him the same thing. But personally I feel like they got a great team overall this year and still haven’t reached the finals. And with all respect to Middleton, he couldn’t be called the 2nd best player in the Bucks team. He’s just not good enough. But as I said above, the only reason Giannis would stay with them it’s his loyalty.

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I’m not saying the Bucks will make the Finals next season but the bubble disadvantaged them IMO. They had great momentum pre suspension play brilliant in front of their Wisconsin crowd and would have had HCA all through the playoffs.

Stan van Gundy is going to be the next head coach for New Orleans…he’s been out of coaching for two years now.

I want Jeff more than Stan.