Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)


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Do they plan on playing with two balls next season, it’s the only way Harden and Russ can play together, well joke aside, it’s going to be very interesting to see how they’re gonna work it out, the two remained very good friends but Houston is Harden’s team, will Russ accept to be the lieutenant? I wonder where CP3 will end up, this isn’t over yet.

All I know is we haven’t seen this parity in the NBA for a long time, next season is :fire::fire:

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According to Woj the likeliest destination for CP3 is at Miami. He’ll have to get a new number if that happens.

I feel like this isn’t completely fair too Westbrook :joy:. Last season with ‘only’ 22.9 points per game he did defer to Paul George a bit.

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Haha yeah, i like Russ, i even think he’ll let Harden have the lead there.

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It’s true. Paul George had his career highs in shots, points, etc ect. Russ was setting him up a lot. Reality is they had a poorly built team behind them and Russ can’t shoot the 3, plus his game has always been based on his explosiveness and he’s losing a step as he gets older. Plus Paul George isn’t a top tier super star.

I wonder which players are going to lab to get themselves a step-back three. The move is near impossible to defend against if perfected.

It’s also traveling, but they haven’t called it on Harden yet so I guess the NBA is okay with it.

Basketball trivia time.

7 players in history have averaged at least 20 points per game in at least one season in 3 different decades. What are your guys guesses??

MJ :goat:

Jordan, Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe, Malone? Can’t think of another three.

I can think of anyone else on top of what’s already been said, another than to say you’ll be adding LeBron James shortly.

Dirk, Hakeem ?

The first two maybe harder cuz they are older guys but Elgin Baylor, and Wilt Chamberlain are the two from the early days, and then a surprise, Larry Bird. His rookie season was 79-80.


Thought really hard about Bird and made he mistake thinking he was his debut in the 80s indeed haha.

Yeah that one is tough cuz he started at the very end of 79, so that was a bit tricky lol.

Bad luck boogie,his ring chase is on hold for now.

Sucks for Boogie. Got the achilles injury just when he was expected to get a max deal. Could have been an injury-prone bad contract like John Wall. Instead he’s just an injury prone millionaire.

I do hope he still has the motivation to come back from yet another layoff.

Fuck man he was the ace up our sleeve. He had lost a ton of weight too and was in great shape the man is injury plagued. Probably can’t join us until late in the season and then he’ll be fighting for fitness again. Dangerously close to his career being over.