Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

I can’t fathom two star players doing an Achilles and ACL in consecutive games.

Credit to the Warriors playing like true ones, gutted for KD and Klay, we will be missing exceptional players for practically a whole season, the coming free agency will be very interesting.

Congrats to the Raptors, and Kawhi with the finals MVP, board man gets paid :joy:

I don’t think this is over at all. Next season is going to be difficult because they have those injuries and need to rebuild a bit. But I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Warriors are going to be 19/20 world champions. Especially since they didn’t get beat on their worth/because of old age etc.

Massive credits for Masai Ujiri btw. He made the trade(s) exactly for this too happen and it happened. He took a big risk with Leonard as ‘rental’ and trading their fan favourite in DeRozan.

There’s only been one all star caliber player that has done his achilles and came back at a similar level, Dominique Wilkins. There is a major chance that when KD returns he won’t be the same. Doubt they will win next season but maybe the following year if everything goes perfectly. They are losing Draymond most likely in 20’ too, most likely.

I meant 20/21 of course. Next season is going to be a ‘lost’ season. That is why I think they’ll be fired up to succeed the season after. None of the core three have skills that really diminish with old age. Maybe Curry’s speed a bit.

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Curry is a somewhat injury prone player as it is we’ll see about him. I do think a 31 year old KD returning from an Achilles injury is going to be diminished quite a bit, and that’s if they can keep him. I think he’s New York bound.

Oh I think Durant is gone too. Although because of this injury staying would make more sense. I just feel like their big three have another run in them. Even without Durant.

What is the West actually going to offer in the next 3 years? Davis might pair up with James, who will be 35 himself next season. Leonard might go to the Lakers/Clippers, but the latter team is not going to find another star too pair him with. Leonard to the Lakers gives them a real shot for the Finals. I think he is that good. Houston’s window has closed with Paul being old and very injury-prone. Golden State beats Portland and Oklahoma…

What happened when Klay entered the locker room, below.

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Fuck man I love Klay, so gutted for him. Wish the Lakers could somehow pry him away from GSW.

If he was a bit more selfish he’d probably wanna leave. If Klay was Lebron’s 2 he’d be dropping like 30 every night with the way he can shoot. As of now he’s kind of the forgotten man overshadowed by Steph and KD, and it might cost him a lot of money. He didn’t make an All NBA team this season so he won’t qualify for the supermax :grimacing::grimacing:

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Enjoyed watching Toronto win. I had hoped they do it at home though. They been outstanding on the road in these playoffs. It will be interesting to see what happens in the off season with injuries and free agency. Unless someone in the west manages to improve significantly, I think the Warriors could still be back in the finals. I have no confidence in Houston. OKC are shit in the postseason. Both LA teams are trying to do killer business. Don’t know that Denver and Portland will be able to perform again at that level. The regular season will be even more key for the Warriors as they’ll need a good seed.

Looking forward to the draft and seeing how that and free agency plays out.

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That’s quite the quartet.

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Lakers fleeced. Should have waited

Lakers will add a 3rd all star like Butler or Kemba in FA and they’ll be a big contender next season.

Houston is the only other realistic contender in the West for the Lakers and even they’re trying to rebuild their roster somewhat. Lakers will be in the NBA finals barring injuries.

Shame we have to play 96 games to get to the inevitable. :wink:

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I think both teams won this to be fair. Bron is getting older and his championship window is closing. With KD and Klay out next season, the west is wide open. Lakers going for broke.

And if they get a 3rd player like Kemba or Jimmy, than they def gonna be title favorites.


Lakers are already title favorites with just those two doods. If we sign a 3rd guy it better be Kyrie. However I almost don’t want a third guy. We now have 35m in cap space, plus exceptions to bring back current players so we can go over the cap.

Bogdonovic 45% 3 pt shooter, Redick, Danny Green, Patrick Beverly, Lopez and even more good 3 and D guys are available in free agency. Load up the team with those guys and we’ll be strolling to a title :grin::grin::grin::grin: great day in LAKER NATION BBBYYYY!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Oh, alright. I was just wondering.

As about Lakers trade, not bad.


People are ecstatic about this trade for the Pelicans but they have done absolutely nothing the past 15 years to think they will maximize those picks into a championship.

Also the Lakers are now basically a contender for the remainder of James’ contract. After 2022 they have to figure it out, but that is a worry for then.


Have to believe LaVar on this one. Lakers will never win a chip

LaVar talking about free throws like Lonzo hasn’t been shooting 45% for two straight seasons. “Body breaking down” and Lebron still played more basketball than your son while managing his load.
Fuck outta here.