Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

First thing Charles Barkley says at half time:

‘The refs are awful’ :joy:

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Is it a jinx or what??
Both Celtics and Lakers are down by 3 games to none?

Celtics is having a bigger choke job than us.


Celtics have resorted to shooting threes and nothing is falling. Jaylen Brown has lost all confidence in his shot.

Just an all time piss poor showing from the Celtics

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This is a wrap.


Starters have been benched as we start the 4th and Celtics bench emptied. Pitiful

Both conference finals could be wrapped up in the next two days…and then it’s a 7 day wait until the NBA Finals :sleeping:

Joe Mazzula’s job security isn’t very…secure one might suspect.

Guess Celtics gonna be in the Nick Nurse sweepstakes too

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I predicted the Nuggets in 5 so 3-0 Denver doesn’t surprise me.

I can’t wrap my head around 3-0 Miami.

Close game but Lakers are swept.

Nuggets off to their first ever NBA Finals.

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Big Stan Kroenke in the crypt!!

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Sadly not when it comes to English football yet though :disappointed:

So be it, please finish the Celtics tonight, Heats.


Jokic sending Bron into retirement it seems. Fair play to Bron though. He really did leave it all out there.


I know the speculation, but I’d still be a little surprised if LeBron retired, still playing at a pretty high level.

Come on Jimmy Butler, close out these fools.

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Miami pls

Gonna need a game 7 from this Celtics-Heat series

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Will all be decided game 6, either Heat win or are cactus blowing 3-0 to 3-3 and they’ll become the first franchise in NBA history to lose from 3-0 up.

Miami finally take the lead! Hold on!

Edit: Back to screwing up :facepalm: