Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

My word Luka


Nets keep rollin…!!

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Jokic might be a shout for 3 consecutive MVP’s this season.

LeBron has just put up 47-10-9 on his 38th birthday :man_bowing:


I’m liking this Pelicans side, Zion living up to the initial hype, while Ingram has been on the sidelines for quite some time now, a full healthy Pels roster is dangerous.

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The question is whether Zion and Ingram gel cos its been a bit of an issue in the time they have had together but I don’t think its something unworkable, just need some play time together.

So glad Zion is healthy though.

Exactly, when Ingram was putting in the numbers, Zion wasn’t exactly at the top of his game, curious to see them both at full speed.

Donovan Mitchell just blew up for 71 points

Almost a triple double too 71-11-8

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Klay gets 54 in a double overtime dub over the Hawks. Looney pulls down 21 rebounds and and gets the putback buzzer beater :sweat_smile:

This is ridiculous. Bucks are lucky that they still managed to come away with the win despite the clutch time collapse.

One of my friends was a pro basketball player in Greece. He played point guard and it was a cup game. They must have been leading by 15 points with about 2 mins to go. They then managed to squander the lead by committing 4 turnovers in the space of 30 seconds lol trying to inbound the ball.

The Western Conference is going to be a bloodbath right to the very end. 6 teams are separated by 1 game and arguably the best team of the lot at the moment is the one at .475.

Golden State’s contrasting home and road record is magnificent.


Portland are 2-10 in the last 12. What’s going wrong @Aussiegooner? Is the Dame-Simons tandem turning out to be just Dame-CJ 2.0?

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We simply don’t move the ball well enough and rely on ISO too much, for a low assist team our turnover ratio is high also.

As a team we’re too small, ideally Hart would play as a 2 and you’d have another bigger two forward paired with Grant.

Only 1 7 foot guy on the roster or near 7 foot guy.

Bench is just poor and injuries to Winslow and Little have made it worse.

I was fooled by the 10-4 start thinking we would be a 45-50 win team, but honestly it’s at the stage we should just blow it up, this roster is a play-ins type roster.

If the Pels can get OG…

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Jokic going for his third MVP as things stand, what a player.


Nuggets need the chip!!!


It looks like Jokic is gonna have a healthy squad come playoffs for the first time, Brown and KCP have been quality since joining, It’s high time.

Be very surprised if they can get OG without giving up someone significant. Pels are pretty well stocked for wings anyway, they have Herb Jones, Tre Murphy, and BI, if anything they need more ball handling as CJ isnt really a natural 1 guard

Worst loss of the season against vs the Lakers? @Aussiegooner

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