Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

How do you see MIA BOS series going?

I think BOS have better offensive capability on the floor and bench

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I favour Boston too. Tatum is the best player and he’s found his groove. I think the secondary players for the Celtics are better than what Miami have to offer too. Brown and Smart > Bam and *add a name.

But it’s Heat culture. They seem to find a way to play above themselves. I think it will go 7 games. Celtics win.


If this Celtics team can sweep the Nets and eliminated the defending champ Bucks… I think they are “destined” to win it all this season.

Celtics in 6


I do feel if Middleton wasn’t hurt the series would have gone the other way, the Bucks only had 2 players above 10 PPG, hard to win a 7 game series like that.

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I dunno man.

Does Dallas have enough to stop Currys supporting cast though?

Boston’s offense hasn’t actually been that great in either series. Nets obviously don’t play any D and the Bucks basically left Celtics open all series from 3 in exchange for locking up the paint. There were multiple games where Boston won purely on their 3pt shooting.

Outside of that they often get stuck doing isos between Tatum and Brown which worked a few times like in Game 6.

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I think the supporting cast is still to be put to the test. Poole has had some excellent games but invariably they’ve come at the beginning of the series.

Warriors could go small with Curry, Poole and Klay, but if they aren’t hitting shots they’ll certainly be eating buckets on the defensive end. Personally, I trusts the Mavs to make more shots especially down the stretch.

No Horford or Smart tonight in Game 1, lucky break again for the Miami Heat this post season.

know the reason?

Yeah Boston really missed Smart’s elite flopping tonight. Hopefully they have him back for Game 2 otherwise they are going to struggle to find somebody who can end up on the floor as much.

Smart was on sprained foot or something and Horford health and safety protocols.

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so. not the true and full team Celtics.
At least they lost with a reason, a valid one

lol I’m here for the Suns slander

Luke having the worst playoff game of his career was not something I expected to happen. Looney and Wiggins defended him extremely well.

Game 1 to the Warriors!

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At Lakers, he will be the 3rd fiddle the best…
does this makes sense?

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Celtics back to full strength and giving Heat a hard time now


Celtics torching the Heat in Game 2.


As usual with this Celtics team, the main difference is the 3 point shooting. Celtics have been better with FTs too but main divide is from 3.

Curry and the Warriors are gonna do it again aren’t they?