Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

Embiid and 76ers reacting the wrong way to the MVP snub

Heat are literally my favorite organization, hope they go all the way this time

Doc Rivers is such an overrated coach.

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Zach Lavine eyeing the Chicago exit? @Electrifying

Hopefully just feeling out his options but…

What a steal by the Bucks on the road!

Boston in 7

Smart dude wtf. At fault for the last 3 mistakes

That’s an absolute heartbreaker for the Celtics, up by 14 at home with 10 mins to go with the series 2-2.

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The Memphis Grizzlies are better than Golden State. The outcome of the next game or two does not matter to me. I’ve seen enough in the first playoff 5 games as well as during the regular season.


Whose giving this guy the max lol

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Embiid’s honesty is quite something but there’s no way you can give Harden the max.

That playoff whistle is different

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Always an asshole, always.

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Celtics are 10-17 from 3 in Game 6 thus far.

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I don’t know how you can drop you shoulder and charge to the defender’s chest and not calling it a charge but instead they call it a blocking foul.

Fuck the ref.

JT wow wow wow!

Going to be a great game 7!


Golden State are back in the Western Conference finals. Kevan Looney with a huge 22 rebounds with 11 coming at the offensive end. Great hustle.

I going to need Scott Foster in Arizona on Sunday.

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Tatum was on fire for this one, to take it to a decider.

Suns absolutely bushwhacked and then some

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Remarkable collapse from the Suns.

64-18 regular season and lose from 2-0 up vs Mavericks.


My god, Luka!!!

A lot of people were praying on the Suns downfall lol



I think the Mavs will beat the Warriors. In the regular-season matchup, Steph got cooked by Luka after being switched on to him and forced to defend. Luka will cook anyone and everyone but Curry (and Poole to a lesser extent) is just too small to provide a little contest.

The only way Golden State has a chance to win this series is if Steph finally finds his shot off the catch. Steph’s percentages from catch & shoot threes in the playoffs is at 29.6%. 4.9 shots per game for 1.5 makes, making him the worst volume shooter in that category. If those shooting woes continues…Mavs in 6

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