Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

Bulls still got a long way to compete against the big boys, dominated twice at home, that even Giannis’ brother got to play.


Need some presence big and some proper 3 point killers.

Boston sweep Brooklyn.

Philly lost 2 in a row and now we have a series vs Toronto.

Mavs killed Utah in game 5.

Bucks and Warriors looking to close out the series tonight.

Oh happy birthday buddy!

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Thanks pal

Sixers v Toronto going toe to toe so far, if the Raptors tie the series, Philly with a big risk of blowing a 3-0 lead in the 7th game.

Edit : Philly running with it in the 3rd quarter.

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CP3 14/14 from the field and 33 points to close out the Pels in what was a much more competitive series than I anticipated.

Bogdanovic will have nightmares about that look all summer.

Mavs win the series 4-2


Such a shame, ruins what would have been a good series.

GSW so so good


Game 1 baby

Again, Nets won the trade.

Harden is cooked - Good luck to anyone signing him to a 5 year supermax

Nets also still have a lot to prove, just got swept in the 1st rd and Simmons hasn’t stepped foot on the floor yet.

Alexis Mkhi trade type deal so far


Nets have a much better outlook moving forward.

KD and Kyrie want to stay together and Simmons will return and be an elite piece defensively.

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Turns out this man may have had it correct back in October

Embiid back is making a much needed difference for the 76ers defensively.

Fucking stupid that there is like 4 days gap between Game 2 and 3 of the Celts/Bucks + GSW/Grizz series and only 2 days between Game 2 and Game 3 of the 76ers/Heat and Suns/Mavs.

Seems crazy the NBA has scheduled games this badly.