Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

James Harden must be stinking up the place back in the changing rooms.

Morey to finally get his man again.

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The only glimmer of hope is we ain’t committed to a Powell 90/5 which I don’t thin he is worth.

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wow, wonder how KD feels about this

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Simmons and Curry for James Harden…advantage 76ers

Hasn’t there since been reports that the Nets aren’t even picking up the phone re: Harden and Nash says they aren’t interested in moving him?

Imo that trade makes the Nets way better. Of course depending on what Ben Simmons wants to be, but if he is fine with being a primary ball handler and defensive stopper then that’s a scary team. KD and Kyrie are plenty of offense and Ben is one of the best big wing defenders in the game . Harden is massively overrated btw.


There has, but the reports of Harden’s supposed availability isn’t coming from shitty sources. Shams Charania was the first to mention Brooklyn’s openness to a trade and now Bill Simmons.

Harden’s hamstring injury does seem a bit suss.

I agree that Simmons, Kyrie and Durant is a great fit.

I don’t agree Harden is massively overrated though.

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Okay Caitlin Clark

Bulls are coming up short vs the top sides like I anticipated. Still going to be a nice 50 win season though.

It will, but they’re hurt right now.

I think with Ball, Caruso, Lavine healthy it’s a different situation

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LaVine played today and went for 30+.

Lavine is playing hurt though.

Also this is awful

But expected when you have a lack of defensive bigs and your best perimeter defenders are out.

They should look into improving that at the deadline

Lonzo Ball is an underrated defender imo. He was one of our best on ball defenders when he played for the Lakers.

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@Aussiegooner unleash the tank!


EDIT: According to Woj, Portland have space for a max contract now, so not all terrible.


This is good!

Halliburton gone

Damn, I’m really surprised the Kings moved Haliburton. But when you get offered 2 Jeremy Lambs, thats hard to turn down lol


Justin Holiday is the third player involved on the Indy side btw.