Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

NBA games tonight at a convenient time, Grizzlies vs Bulls should be a decent watch.

Edit : Bulls need their injured players back, they’re bad…Vucevic having a stinker.

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Stephen A is just outright chatting shit these days.

Is Ja Morant even better than Giannis on offence, let alone defence?


I don’t know about that from SAS but I love how Morant is dominating

I remember that draft and all the hype Zion was getting. Grizzles got a certified superstar to carry the franchise

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SAS looking to get those views up with shit takes, it works for many others.

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Lavine and Ball not going to Milwaukee. Yeah Bulls are fucked for foreseeable future.

Jokic is unreal.

MVP Race

  1. Jokic
  2. Embiid or Giannis
  3. DeRozan or KD or Steph


Lakers lose @ the CryptoDotCom arena versus the Pacers. Is this the end for Vogel?

Lol at Bron scoring that lay-up at the end to get to 30 points. He’s stat-padding for sure.

Oh sh!t

Melo…where you going haha


I love Lonzo’s game but this is an issue he had with the Lakers too. Always ends up spending a substantial amount of time injured on the bench.

m8…Grayson Allen is a dirty bastard

Oh ffs.

Embiid x Harden…just think about all the free throws :heart_eyes:

I assume Morey will try to get Harden in a sign a trade with Simmons going the other way.

how is Philly a better place than NY/NJ?

R.I.P Kobe

Kyrie Irving just put on a clinic that quarter, what handles he has…. Such a shame that mandates are depriving us of his skill set every other night.

Just quietly the Phoenix Suns are an absurdly good 41-9.

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CP3 has started to find his best form too, as he’s starting to shoot the 3 pointer a lot more.

Who the fuck wants to trade for Julius Randle after this crap season?!


Eric Bledsoe…yuck

Dreadful trades by the Blazers.


Edu working for the Blazers too apparently.


They traded Trent Jr. for Powell and now they are giving away for fucking Eric Bledsoe?

Blazers are going to crash hard once Dame stop carrying them, like Sacramento bad.

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