Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

OK all valid, where do the Lakers go for here now?

Shams said Rondo is currently on the block

THT out, Grant in?

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It’s about the only move you can make to give us what we need. THT and Nunn to Detroit and our 2027 first round pick for Grant. That will give us a big wing and he’s still young. Then you wait for the buy out market which you can always steal some decent talent from.

Surprised this is all happening given the NBA’s push for vaccinations :joy:

@Electrifying happy new year :partying_face:


Bulls end 2021 top of the East!! What a situation!

Mr 4th quarter, DeRozan been clutch this season so far.

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LeBron 32/10 with 9 mins left in the 3rd.

DeRozan still on MVP mode, another three pointer to seal the win vs Washington, Bulls on a mission.


Having a great season the Bulls. Yet I still think they’ll be underdogs vs Nets, Bucks, Heat and maybe Philly come playoffs time.

Agree regarding Nets and Bucks, but i think it’s an even contest against the Heat and Philly, they lost both games against the latter two, but i think in a series of 7, they’re capable of pulling the win.

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Of course they won’t win the East. But getting the best record in the East means vindication for DeRozan, Donovan and Ball. Great achievement tbh.

Miami might be better than their record says btw. Butler and Adebayo missed a lot of game time. The former played 21 games and the latter 18…


Oh my lawd :joy:

Killa Klay

How’s life with Westbrick treating you? :henry2:

“You’re as cold as ice”

Feel bad for him. This team hasn’t been constructed properly by the GM and Russ isn’t able to play like Russ needs to play to be successful. Everyone is all over him about his turnovers so he’s become less aggressive and it’s impacting his overall game. Wish he would just say fuck it and be Russ.


Only symptomatic testing in the NBA regarding covid after this weekend apparently :tada:

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Ugly for the Bulls today @Electrifying

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Ugly is right that was a painful 2 games against the top teams.

I hope Lavine is ok, he left the game with some sort of knee problem but it didn’t look overly serious.

Yeah he was walking around.

Getting an MRI today I think

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