Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

Poole is so shifty.

Russ in slow-mo.

Tears in my eyes and it’s only pre-season :cry:

2021 vs 2019 :worried:


the upper one looks like a basketball player from the park
the lower one looks more like a professional

They might not even need Irving to win it all…took Milwaukee to seven games, would have won the series if not for Durant stepping on the line. Harden and Durant are just that good.

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Was thinking the same in terms of chemistry and locker room unity

With Patty Mills they’ve gotten their (more than) dependable back up guard anyway.

48 hours to the season commences.

Sadly I just see it as another season of jostling for 7th or 8th from a Portland perspective…

Curious to see how the Warriors do especially if Klay can return not far off what he once was.

Also looking forward to see how the young Aussie Giddey does in his rookie season at OKC.

Can the old Lakers get a chip ?

Can the Bucks and Suns back up last seasons heroics ?