Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

Bird was a great passer too :+1::+1:

Sorry when I was in anti-Lebron mode, I lost my mind :ozil:

The Bucks has supposed to be the best matchup with the Nets, but their offense is completely nullified with the same tactics as Toronto and Miami used.

If will be more interesting what the Sixers will do since Embiid can actually bully Griffin a little bit. Probably won’t be enough.

Paul George with another 20 and 10 outing, but 25 percent off the field. If he doesn’t do better he’ll be a big reason why they won’t progress/win imo.

Good see the Bucks aren’t going to get swept as that would have just been sad.

Clippers are in trouble here vs Jazz, they seem to have zero answers for slowing down Donovan Mitchell.


Philly winning comfortably in game 3 vs Atlanta.

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It’s a shame there’s so many good young teams out west like the Sun’s or Jazz, but seemingly they are just competing to see who gets blown out by the Nets in the finals.

It’s great that there is more player empowerment in the current NBA, but these superteams suck.

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Apparently Irving just exited late in the 2nd quarter with what is being described as a lower leg injury.

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Sprained ankle. Will see how bad it is. Completely bent inward as he landed on Yannis’s foot.

Good win for the Bucks. Best of 3 it is now.

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Suns sweep the Nuggets, that really makes the Blazers look bad.

Annoying for me as a Lakers fan. We had Phoenix down 2 - 1 and in control and then AD gets hurt. Wonder what kind of resistance the Utah/Clippers winner is gonna put up.


Don’t be like that. The Suns are a very different team than the Trail Blazers. A lot more athleticism and height. Physically just a better and different team. Kind of the kryponite of Denver (Jokic, Porter Jr. Campazzo). It’s all about the match-ups.

Embiid goes 4/20 and Philly bottle game 4.

Clippers gaining momentum with both Kawhi and PG on 31 pts, Utah’s gotta get Conley back if they want to stay in this one, like Doncic, Mitchell can’t carry the Jazz alone.



Karma is a bitch, right?
Remember he stomped on Celtics logo not long ago? The same fucking leg (ankle).

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Harden on 1 leg and no Irving.

2-2 down 16 at Half time against the Bucks and KD goes for 49-17-10 on 23 shots… that’s just absurd to drag the Nets to a 3-2 advantage.

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Giannis slander from CJ.

CJ should pipe down when you look at the D he plays :thinking:

CJ should think about how many times he let Dame down before running his mouth.

Nobody in the league can shut down KD, plus the Bucks won two straight with PJ Tucker defending him, KD still scored because that’s what he does, but that gameplan worked for them while Giannis was working the board…anyway he is gonna guard him in game 6, let’s see how that match up goes.


Fucking hell. Chris Paul has the worst play off luck. He has too enter the covid-19 health and safety protocols and is sidelined for an indefinite period of time. They have to hope the Clippers - Jazz series is going seven games.

FUCK injuries - Completely ruined the playoffs

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