Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

As it stands, I agree, but if Emiid can stay healthy the rest of the way and the Sixers finish 1 or 2 in the East, I think he’ll be in with a shot for MVP, but it will still likely depend on how others in the running finish the season out.

That injury was a real shame as his minutes were up and he was playing the best basketball if his career, definitely MVP worthy if he hadn’t gotten injured.

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First win for vooch at the Bulls. :raised_hands:

Solid win for the Mavs against Utah, Doncic’s supporting cast stepped it up in the last games…KP’s input is valuable but you can’t rely on an injury prone player.

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Zion is turning into that beast we all knew he would become.



The consistent churn out of basketball talent since the '03 draft class is something to behold tbh.

I did not expect the Lakers to beat Brooklyn with the players they had out.

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Ah man Steph Curry in full flight is a sight to behold.

Bad injury for Jamal Murray at the end of that game. I hope it’s not what it looks like. Huge implications for Denver’s season if it is what it looks like.

Steph’s 20 point first quarter to overtake Wilt…:drooling_face:

Has to be seen to be honest. Jokic, Gordon and Porter Jr is still very good. Michael Porter Jr. needs to have his break out moment. With Murray out he will see the ball more…

Shame if it’s serious especially as it happened with only 50 seconds on the clock remaining.

Agree it has to be seen @SDGooner , Murray is inconsistent at times be he usually does lift in the post season.

What will happen when Jokic is off the floor though? I see that being a significant issue come playoffs.

MPJ has looked good offensively, and if by seeing more of the ball means he’s taking the same shots more often, then I’m all for it.

Also, there’s been murmurs concerning referees and the lack of calls Jokic is getting. It got to him in the game vs Boston. I can only see that getting worse in the playoffs when referees aren’t as ‘lenient‘ with their foul calls.

Do you still see Denver as strong contenders? I know I’m popping off a few early takes.

Damn it

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Non contact knee or leg injury is usually a rip. Sucks, you never want to see that happen. Btw lol at Jokic foul calls. When ur a big man u just don’t get the calls, Shaq either fouled someone or was fouled every single time down the court, can’t call a basketball game like that tho.


I think MPJ has the potential to carry the scoring load for a team. Meaning when Jokic is off the floor. We just haven’t seen it yet and he didn’t got that opportunity. Plus Campazzo/Morris are probably decent enough to maintain a decent level of playmaking if he is on the bench.

I think the triangle of Jokic, Gordon and Porter have the potential to be very strong contenders. Question right is that they are fairly recently playing together. Murray and Jokic have a strong rapport. That can be a problem.

NBA have been very irresponsible with this condensed season

No choice really. With the contracts they have with their TV partners there was no choice. The players didn’t like it either but they agreed because they don’t get their money if they don’t play. It’s a fucked up situation but, they kinda had to do it, not many other options.

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Was the All star game really necessary this year? Is the play in tournament?

The bubble teams are being decimated which leads to a poorer product and ratings

If the NBA didn’t play an All-Star game, that may have voided certain TV contracts.

The players could have opted out of that game too, but there would have been a financial penalty no doubt.

Very Doubtful, There’s no way TNT are damaging their relationship with the NBA like that. We’re dealing with exceptional circumstances here

I get they “needed” to play but TV companies and the NBA have poisoned the product for short term gain. We’re losing stars in a regular season with tons of pointless games.

I don’t see the point of a play in tournament this season, if everyone plays 72 games x 3 vs own conference and x 2 vs opposite conference then what is the point ?

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