Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

Still, they are undersized…

Yeah that can be solved easily on the cheap, the Lakers had Howard and McGee last year with size and Physicality.

BKN don’t have any quality bigs this season.

The biggest and hardest dilemma for Boston to solve is getting a legit 3rd star.

Lakers were lucky to have two rejuvenated big men in Howard and McGee.
They were great additions to David (already big) and Lebron.

A true big plus Thompson/Theis and Tatum and Brown, they are big enough.
Thompson/Theis plus Tatum and Brown and a true 3rd star… don’t think they can replicate the Warriors small ball tactics and end results, especially Embiid and Giannis are in the East and C’s have a tough time against them.

Of course, adding a true 3rd star is better than right now.

The Mavs are definitely making eyes at the Minnesota pick for 2021. Top 3 protected mind you.

Kristaps’s defence is why I’d pass on this potential trade. Mobility is an issue as is the fact he’s bound to be on the treatment table every other week.

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They really don’t have too. Just need to figure out how to properly defend the rim. Obviously a quality big is the easiest solution for that. The rebounding they can compensate for with Harden, Brown and Green.

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Agree with that.

WTF is happening in this league lol

Glad lavine got his first All Star call up.

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Jazz blow out the Lakers. No AD, but still.

It’s hard to take too much from it with such a significant player missing.

No Schroeder either who’s our 3rd best player, we are hurting right now but still we shouldn’t have lost to Washington a few days ago either.

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Jazz are currently elite at both ends and the Lakers are a mess offensively at the moment.

Looking at that makes me feel better we are still playing defense but clearly suffering the effects of missing our number 2 and 3 scorers.

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