Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

That stuff only works on 2k, not gonna lie though, i’m gonna watch some BK games from now on.

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So the Cavs and Indiana got themselves a good deal here.

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I was hoping we’d move CJ + pieces to allow dame to finally team up with another top 10 player but not to be.

Be interesting to see how these 3 talented egos work out for Brooklyn.

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Kyrie does seem like a real problem personality doesn’t he ?

I don’t think that’s a good deal for Harden. All those picks will be mid to upper rounds. I guess getting Oladipo back is okay but he’s not Harden scoring 35 a night and at his best unguardable. Only question is now for the Nets is if Harden is still the same player, the dood is fat. Plus Kyrie is a weirdo, and KD is coming off an Achilles which usually leads to more injuries. Pretty big roll of the dice for Brooklyn.

I’m not overly concerned about Durant, his return as started with 30/8/6 averages on over 50 % shooting.

I dont think he will lose his athleticism its that u start racking up injuries once you’ve done ur Achilles because ur body overcompensates. 72 games plus the playoffs is a long season.

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Nurkic broken wrist for us, sadly the big guy just can’t stay healthy or take a trick.

Fuck me I feel so bad for KAT

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You would trade Irving if you are the Nets for a couple 3-and-d guys? Harden and Durant together works nicely. It seems unlikely Irving is going to accept a role of being a spot-up shooter and cutter. More you don’t need to get out of the East.

CJ out for a minimum month on top off Nurkic minimum 2 months, this will probably be the first season since 12-13 the Blazers are lottery bound.

Gutted for CJ after such a hot start to the season, this was the year he may have been an all star especially with Harden gone east and Klay hurt.

Nets lose in double OT in their first game with the big 3, Sexton from the Cavs went GOD mode.

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Collin Sexton :fire::fire::fire:

Incredible. Sexton was taking every possession for the Cavs in OT2 while the Nets three looked cooked. Doing this on Kyrie’s return to Cleveland.

Brooklyn…we have a problem.

The Cavaliers shot 50 percent from the 3-point line. That is not going to happen every game. Surely there is still an adjustment period with Harden/Irving, Harden was 4 of 16 with 5 turnovers.

Early concerns about the Nets defence, no?

I think the concerns as far as their defence goes are fair, but I truely believe that the Harden/Durant tandem is going to be so great for them it’s not going to matter to come out of the East. We’re talking about Kevin Durant and James Harden here…the only thing that is going to sabotage that for them in my opinion is Kyrie Irving and his ego. And him not accepting the flow of the offence and demanding shots/the ball.

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I take it you’d look to trade Kyrie for a couple of 3 and D guys? If yes, anyone in particular?

That would be the ideal scenario. I’m a big fan of Robert Covington, but not sure Portland wants or needs Irving.

I don’t think they will trade him anyway. Irving and Durant were a package deal if I remember correctly? They will probably going to make a couple free agent signings.

Irving is probably the last thing we’d need to be honest, given we have Dame and CJ.

Nets are just so offensively talented I think they’ll come through the East, they’re a bit defensively flawed though and that may cost them in the finals vs one of the LA teams.