Basketball Thread (NBA/ FIBA)

Ibaka nice get for the Clippers.

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Which is doubtful. Milwaukee, Boston, Indiana, Miami, Philadelphia and Brooklyn are guarenteed to make the play offs. I’d add Toronto to that list but they have lost Ibaka and might lose Gasol., big parts of their rotation. Otherwise they are a lock too.
Atlanta has to be better with Gallinari and Rondo. They’re giving him this contract and there is a good chance they still won’t make the play offs.

@sevchenko I’m starting to believe Jordan is not in this to win, but to keep his name relevant as NBA-owner to sell shoes. It’s incredible what kind of dumb decisions that franchise keeps making.

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Pelinka is a smart GM, played last FA wrong chasing Kawhi but he nailed this year.

Lakers need to run it back


He. Or Rich Paul hehehe? Everybody would chase Kawhi tbh.

They did make some good editions last summer, especially Cousins, Rondo and McGee won Championships etc.

Really odd that the new season begins in bang on 4 weeks when Game 6 of the NBA finals was only 6 weeks ago in the Bubble.

Just took a look at the numerous trades so far, damn the Lakers are going heavy for that back to back, Suns should make the POs really.

Ingram got his max entension with NOLA. The future of the West seems insane with Denver, Dallas, New Orleans and maybe Memphis/Phoenix. In fact the West is always insane lol. Maybe only not in the 90s?