Barca new manager and my dream

I am just putting it out there

wenger to go barca end of the season

and us to steal mauricio pochettino ??

thoughts folks?

i would love it :slight_smile:

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No chance of that happening I think :smiley:

More likely Pochettino will go to Barcelona. Though he played for their rivals Espanyol…

Wenger to stay. :confused:

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I too had that dream. Would be an incredible two-for-one: fuck Tottenham over (cause I don’t trust Levy to luck into hiring another manager as good as Poch) and make Arsenal loads better.

Don’t think it’s entirely realistic, tbh. What makes it unrealistic is I can’t see our board having the balls to make it happen.

The Wenger to Barsa part is, though. Think it’s Sampaoli all the way. :frowning:

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There is no chance that Levy would let Poch come to us

Pochettino is the best manager in the PL.
He hasn’t had the money that Guardiola and Mourinho have had and doesn’t have the world class players that Chelsea and us have.
Klopp has done well, and I’m sure Guardiola, Mourinho and Conte will as well, but I’m hoping that Pochettino goes to Barcelona and takes Kane with him.

They are going to be a regular top four team and they will also be overtaking us in the PL, if he says there.

i just dont rate pochettino, i dont think he will take us much further than we are getting with Arsene, need a better manager than him.


you dont rate him ??

please xplain mate

Let’s replace Wenger with a manager who’s never finished above him, got knocked out of the CL in the group stages and has been knocked out of the EL in consecutive seasons by inferior teams. Not to mention the fact he’s never even come close to making a dent in any of the domestic cup competitions outside of the League Cup a few seasons ago. Oh and before I forget, finished third in a two horse race for the title lol.

The way he’s rated borders on outrageous at times lol. He’s a good, solid manager.

Spurs have been on the “brink of overtaking us” since the Redknapp days. Not to mention they produced better European performances under Redknapp too and that’s with a lesser squad than what Pochettino has at his disposal.


i dont agree but i am not going to sit here and defend a spurs manager :frowning:
i think hes a good young manager whos making an impact on the teams he manged

he did very well at southampton and hes doing well at spurs -

please tell me a better manager then him in the PL ?

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Conte, Wenger, Pep & Mourinho are better managers.

Pochettino has the resources to have performed better in domestic competitions and Europe than he has. He has failed domestically and in Europe. And he finished in the top four once so far in his two seasons. There’s a good chance he fails to do that in his third season although that’s not a point I can raise just yet.

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Pretty much what SRCJJ has said is why i dont rate him…spuds are major bottle jobs still and they have a strong squad but this is what we complain about with wenger, why would we swap wenger for more of the same but a younger manager.

lol, how you can consider that anything but a success considering the team he took over, is beyond me. You say it like it’s a bad thing, for a club that has finished top four ¿how many times in the 10-15 years before him?, and which boasted key players like Nacer Chadli, Erik Lamela, Ryan Mason, and Nabil Bentaleb.

Honestly, can you name a player that hasn’t benefited from his tutelage?

You come off as seriously biased against him. And Wenger > Poch is a pretty ludicrous claim tbh.

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Pochettino is a good manager but not brilliant.

Better than Wenger though. As we haven’t beaten Spurs in the league since he was appointed in Summer 2014.

He achieved nothing more than what Redknapp did and he did it in a season where United, City, Chelsea and Liverpool seriously struggled.

And Wenger > Pochettino is not ludicrous. I have seen nothing in Pochettino’s young career that suggests he’s better than Wenger.

Why don’t you address his continued European failure?

Prior to his arrival they’d finished 6th, 5th, 5th, 4th and 4th.

They finished on 70 points last season which is less than the total achieved by AVB in his final full season at the club and might I also add 1 point more than Tim Sherwood managed to achieve.

They were eliminated in the group stages of a CL group that was not difficult to navigate there way out of. They were subsequently eliminated by a mediocre Belgian team.

Last season they were eliminated early in the EL too. And the season before that.

Until I see him lift a domestic trophy, actually challenge for the title (and not finish third in a two horse race) or navigate his way out of his CL group (something Redknapp did - and subsequently made the QF of the tournament too) I’d hesitate to see how he’s better than Wenger.

His team suffer from the same mentality issues our team does. In fact you could argue they’re worse given there isn’t an expectation on Spurs to win trophies and they still fall at every hurdle.


This is not a measure of who the superior manager is. Wenger has a negative record against Koeman too but Koeman is not the better manager than Wenger.

Sometimes people have to understand that doing well at a club like Spurs doesn’t put you in the footballing elite. There is no expectation there in the same way there is at a big club. Nobody truly knows how Pochettino (who hasn’t exactly thrived under the limited pressure at Spurs given his continued failure to actually achieve genuine success) would cope at a big club where every move is under the microscope from fans, board and the press.

Spurs are glorified because of the strong English core that they have.


The way Poch and his team lost their shit during that Chelsea game last season and then went on to lose their 8 point lead over us in just 4 games, during the crunch, alone shows that he’s not ready for the top yet.

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With top of the generation talents like Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. Poch has got nothing like that at his disposal. Kane is a good player but nothing like that level of talent.

Again, you’re totally taking the players he has to work with out of the equation, which is weird.

Wenger was better than Pochettino, and I doubt if Pochettino will be as successful as Wenger was, unless he goes to a top European club.
But he is better than Wenger this season, because he has only been at spurs for just over a season and has fewer top quality players at his disposal, and far less strength in depth.
Wenger is the most experienced manager, and has been at the same club, longer than any manager in Europe, so has no excuses to be behind them in the PL.

This is Pochettino’s managerial honours list:

– Premier League Manager of the Month: October 2013, September 2015, February 2016

He might become a great manager one day, but he certainly isn’t there yet.

That’s true.
But if someone said you can swap Wenger for Pochettino, would you be interested?