Away form

Can someone explain me how it is possible our away form is so shit? Fucking madness! It just impossible to be so up and down home and away.

Big Weng

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I blame shit threads.

Yeah, Wenger is guilty, but it is still impossible to see such a difference.

Completely dysfunctional midfield cannot control the game away from home, putting us under immense pressure as soon as we lose the ball.

This, plus a lack of concentration from key players in the centre of the pitch, means that we are constantly a second away from conceding. Our regularly conceding immediately after taking the lead completely sums this up.

Wenger out.


Kill me

Shit team gives you shit performance, not difficult to figure out.

Zero midfield control. Awful individual mistakes at the back. No chemistry between midfield and centre forward. Minimal openings created in the final third.

I was hoping our recent run of form meant the team were playing better football. In reality we’re still getting overwhelmed by the worst teams in the league.

We are only in with a chance when Wilshere and Ozil are both playing.


What shocked me during yesterday’s first half was our lack of control indeed. Several times Swansea just hoofed it forward, the header was won by Kosc or Mustafi… Xhaka, Elneny and Ramsey were nowhere near. Swansea picked it up easily and went forward.

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Captain obvious to the rescue!

At least we haven’t had one of them coming out and telling us they’ll work hard in training to ensure it never happens again, or words to that effect. So irritating, when you know (and have known for a decade) that our soft centre away from home is a systemic problem


Lack of belief and confidence. We let home teams get the better of us and drop our heads even though we are a miles better team. We have a team full of weak mentality.