Arthur Okonkwo (33)

More than likely gonna be backup if we can’t get 40m valued Ramsdale over the line :grin:


Hey! Arthur themetune should be his fan chant

He hasn’t actually played that much as he had some mysterious issue that held him out a year or something but I’ve read that people at the club really rate Okonkwo.

To me the perfect plan would be to sign Onana, who can start training in September and playing in November, with Okonkwo as initial backup and then third choice once Onana can play. There is a little risk that Leno gets hurt very early and we have to rely on Okonkwo somewhere in the August-November window but GKs don’t get hurt that often and so it seems like an acceptable gamble. Then next year you sell Leno, give the starting role to Onana, and give Okonkwo experience playing in the cups. At that point we’ve got a high level 26-year-old starter and a highly rated 20-year-old backup and are basically set at keeper for a long while.