Arsène Wenger

Hahaha Jesus didn’t expect to read what I just did when I saw another 87 posts.

Such crass behaviour in Wenger thread. Y’all should be ashamed of yourself

You’re welcome to come see for yourself you dumbfuck dickhead.

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111 new posts :joy: when Calum sees this he’s going to think Wenger got fired again.


Nah 11 is too small a number mate. I didn’t fall for it this time

I did read it but was just really perplexed at how it escalated so quickly you bitchcock asshump. Not in a bad way, just a genuine wtf.

Why was ACM talking about butchering penises? I learned so much about SRCJJ’s boxing past as well. Not what I expected at all.

It was very entertaining though, so I guess I’m happy it happened. The end.


You deserve to get taken back in time and get your dick chopped up as a 2 year old for calling me that, which apparently is the ultimate molestation.

Ya facking cunt

(you’re amazing though, i love you, marry me maybe?!?)


Reading back I probably shouldn’t even have bothered to respond as many times as I did so apologies for any negativity I spread last night guys.

I guess like most people on this forum, I like having a chat and sometimes it gets heated but I don’t think anybody is quite as disrespectful or rude as ACM is.

Just to add this apology is not aimed at him in any capacity lol.


This thread has been massacred.

Fitting end to Wenger’s legacy more like. This is where we come to fight each other now. You bunch of bitches.


Arsene Wenger and his boxers with shaved dicks. Could make a pretty good book title, tbh.

Arsène Club.

I agree with the conclusion but the idea they were suddenly underinvested just isn’t backed up by the data.

I think that depends on what you mean by under invested right? In the sense that the glazers are/were taking 50m or wherever a year to service a debt that could certainly be construed as under investing but in the sense that united were still spending absolute truckloads of money on players and wages there certainly wasn’t any under investment.

I reckon the latter interpretation is correct myself too because I don’t think United have missed out on many (any?) players they wanted during Ferguson’s time because of money.

Title updated


The first rule of the Arsène Wenger thread is: you don’t talk about Arsène Wenger.


Wenger > Rest of humans

Wenger won the CL in 2006 and uncut juicy wieners are dank af.

You foreskin that opinion on us again.


Hell yeeeeeee ever tried an uncut juicy weiner? Nom nom