Arsène Wenger

I think you’re right about the board not backing Wenger, unless it was his decision not to pay the extra to get too quality rather than barely adequate players.

Either way, not getting top level players was a false economy.
For the sake of just a few million, we lost out on, like you said, Mata, Hazard, Alonso, Suarez, Kante, etc and instead got mediocre players.

Not only did we lose out on trophies, it meant that when we came to sell these players, we would get very little money for them.

This is why it was a false economy, because we could have made money on all those players but the board we’re too tight fisted to spend the extra and we end up with a group of players that won’t win anything, that we can’t get rid of.

Wenger used to pride himself on being an expert in economics and in transfer dealings but I didn’t see much expertise in either, unless the decision to buy the players he wanted was overruled by the board.

This is the main reason we have a squad so lacking in quality and why we lost out on winning the PL title on a few occasions.

The board’s lack of ambition is obviously responsible for the mess we’re in.

The Mata one was the most infuriating because if true we missed out on getting him for 16m because the release clause expired. That was just incompetance of either Dick Law or Wenger. Unless ofcourse Mata agreed with Valencia to let it expire to help his club get a greater fee, I suppose that’s possible.

But really someone other than Wenger should of been pushing the transfers through as they were in the David Dein days. And Dein is quoted as saying Arsene came back saying he wanted the player but the team demanded X amount above our budget so Dein just told him to sign the player anyway. That’s definitely something that changed.


Just seen this iconic press conference retweeted onto my timeline and don’t think I ever seen Wenger this angry haha.

Why do you look at me?

If Wenger decided to put up a half decent side v Blackburn at home the Saturday before, we’d have probably taken his side in that press conference.

Such an arrogant stance


The general consensus during those seasons (09/10 and 10/11) was that Arsenal was 1-3 players away from actually competing. You can’t possibly believe funds weren’t available in order to do that? Wenger trusted the players he had at his disposal. The frustration stems from the fact that exactly that didn’t happen. I can’t remember anyone expecting or demanding that we would win the PL. Just that we were close. In stead of getting closer to those sides the gap became wider because Nasri, Fabregas and van Persie were replaced with shit. I think that is also a big reason why these three players left anyway. City, Barcelona and United provided that environment to compete whilst Arsenal was busy saving money. After that it has always been a case of catching up.

The beautiful football had already died down during the ‘FA Cup-wins Era’.


I have no idea why you’d even bother to try and discuss this in a sensible manner with him.

All you’ll get in response is a load of shit and a “lelelelelel” to round things off.


I feel like sometimes I get a decent reply back. But I can’t be helped hahaha.


I remember being utterly gutted after that Blackburn match, it was one of the real lows cause it basically meant we’d gone 8 years without a trophy.

Let’s be fair to Wenger though; he came back and won 3 of the next 4 FA Cups straight afterwards, so he’s forgiven for that one.


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Last time I saw Wenger was in a bar in Spain. He was on the TV and I was told to leave because I couldn’t stop booing.


Big Weng :eyes:

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Did he.

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No, Doddy.

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