Arsène Wenger


I think you and @trion should fight it out to see who should get that title.


Well, Auba hasn’t proven so. On paper you would feel we are absolutely lethal with guys like Ozil, Laca, Auba but it hasn’t translated that way. Auba so far has been more active on the superfluous part of our game. Hasn’t had the impact I expected in clutching situations.


It’s our goals conceded that are the problem, we’ve scored more goals than Tottenham & Liverpool.


You take that back this instance


Wenger should have taken it haha. Imagine him in the away dugout in the Emirates. :joy:


Image beating Wenger, with him complaining about the referee and us :rofl:


Imagine being boring


Half our fanbase would probably side with him too. :unai:


Imagine coming into a thread about AW and seeing somebody still taking digs at him :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Imagine coming into a thread about Wenger and not expecting people to express a range of opinions when you know the fan base has a range of opinions :yum:

Also, who is taking digs? You seem to have a low threshold


A low threshold for the same people spouting the same constant shit in pretty much every thread they post in.


Fair play, we’ve all got our own gripes :+1:


@Arsenal4thetreble for sure :unai:



Of course, it was the only job he knew.





I love him.
There I said it.


He is always a great guy, with a big sense of humour.


Are you bi-polar Luca? :joy: