Arsène Wenger


I’m gonna watch them at some point tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

Just thought they might be of interest since this is the Wenger thread :wink:


i appreciated it dw calum :heart:


Don’t listen to him @Calum top post 🖒


Going to Bayern if they sack Kovac?


I enjoyed it.
Had it all been a Twitter thread, I might not have been bothered to switch the apps.




Get lost! We can’t get rid of your ghost who is still haunting us :xhaka:


Lol well u can blame him for the players that are out there, but I think it’s gonna become pretty clear that only so much could be done with this team. We are about 5th or 6th in terms of talent.


Of course i blame him for the players. Need to get rid of half of the team to be competitive again.


We waited too fucking long for his departure while the top end of the league got stronger. Living with the legacy of that now.


Funny how you guys can allow Emery to take the credit for Arsenal’s attack and lay all defensive woes on Wenger’s doorsteps. Same old shit on this forum and all the talk about wiping the slate clean.


you’ve literally quoted the chief wenger man haha. :see_no_evil:


He didn’t quote me


We don’t have less talent than Spurs.


We don’t but Spurs certainly have a better balance. Arsenal and Man Utd are the teams in the top 6 who talent-wise should be doing better(not only this season) but have a bad balance and an unhealthy overload of similar players, most on high contracts.
I do consider us in the same position as Man Utd, they have a terrible balance but more talented players and Mourinho. We on the other hand have a bit more balance but less quality and not Mourinho.
We do need some windows to refigure stuff(or better yet, staff) out and get in a more promising state.


Same people spouting the same shit. Grown fucking adults like :rofl::rofl:


fucking hell, spuds have had YEARS with poch and that is all they have managed, but we are in transition and we are doing quite well considering lets give Unai a bit of time to get shit sorted out and spuds will be back where they belong. They have been extremely lucky and jammy this season with own goals from opposition etc, i see them being in trouble as the season wears on they have no depth and already look suspect.


Im the #1 Wenger man all dey bby.


I don’t think that’s fair. We’ve been fairly lucky as well. We have had games(even like the latest one) which the result is a complete reversed image of the action.


When I see Spurs I see an extremely well-drilled team. But they don’t have individuals of which you would think we have to have him. Obviously Kane is popular opinion, but is Aubameyang that much worse?