Arsène Wenger





Very good platform for Wenger to build


So… how many teams has Wenger signed with now?


Total rubbish. Gattuso has just won 3 on the bounce and Milan are top 4. He has the backing of Maldini and Leonardo too.


Amazing if it happens that Gazidis would give him his first job post Arsenal :joy:


Then sack him again


Would be an interesting move.


ESPN and France Football. Shit sources tbh.


Wow, not sure how to feel about this to be honest. Seems a bit odd that Gazidis was the driving force behind ousting Wenger yet somehow after Gazidis has been there and within 5 minutes he’s appointing Wenger as manager.


Their defence is shit too, we should try sell them Mustafi.


With Gazidis? No chance.


It’d be truly bizarre if he and Gazidis linked up straight away again.

Surely it’d prove that rumours of a power struggle between the two were exaggerated?


I’m not buying this. Anything with ‘Arsene Wenger new manager of club x’ is clickbait gold. Expect tons of links with nothing materialising.


Wenger, 69, said: “The only thing I can say it’s fake news. If I signed somewhere I would tell you. It’s wrong information.

“I can not master the rumours, I am just focused on doing well for beIN Sports and that’s not easy.”


Why would Ivan want Wenger when Mikel the Magnificent is still available?


Click the tweets if they don’t play

Enjoy @Arsenal4thetreble :wink:


That’s one of the worst posts ever on here. Lol.


Why? Haha


Well it’s just a tweet dump. I doubt you’ve even watched most of them. If I wanted to read a Twitter timeline I’d be on Twitter. :slight_smile: