Arsène Wenger


I personally like this idea


Wenger has started working


Forget managing, Arsene is back playing football!


Let’s sign him, he’d be a better CB than Mustafi


I personally see Arsène playing in the Cruyff role and absolutely mastering the Cruyff Turn :grin:


Our new CB!



Disgusting comment tbh


Kind of see the point of it in a way but in poor taste yeah, I still can’t stand Ferguson but I wouldn’t wish his health problems on anyone.


Ferguson is 76, 8 years older than Wenger.

That said, Wenger’s fitness level is admirable.


It’s nice to see Arsene enjoy time away from management and do other things now with no pressure. Everyone needs a break now and then.




Merson at the end :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Fenerbache to save you a click


clickbate: It’s not yet clear whether the Frenchman would consider taking the job, and as things stand Cocu is still in charge. But the Dutchman is under increasing pressure at the moment having guided his side to just one victory in their last five matches.


The Mirror is really an allround terrible news outlet. The sports section is utter sewage


John Cross. Enough said.


Even The Sun is better in terms of its football coverage than The Mirror. That’s saying something. John Cross especially, I don’t care if he is supposedly an Arsenal fan – he is so inconsistent in his reporting and opinions that nothing he says has any credibility any more (if indeed it ever did)


John Cross actually is a moron I’ve realised.