Arsène Wenger


Is Wenger going to manage again ? I’m really curious.


Arsene knows…

I’d imagine he’s enjoying his retirement by the looks of it


He stopped a decade ago.


Meanwhile…you have American presidents who gets the Nobel Peace Prize and any other dissidents in non-democratic countries getting the award. The former for bombing the shit out of other countries in the name of liberty and the latter for being propaganda fodder sitting in the jail.

Wenger’s honoured for his achievement and contribution to football. He’s not a good enough manager anymore but you can’t take away what he achieved.

Something that is a lot better than the above.

Probably stinks of corruption in your book but Wenger helped Weah on his way to become the first African World Football Player of the Year and winner of the Ballon D’or. You could say he helped him on his way to become the President. If he does successful things during his tenure for his country. The more reason to honour Wenger.


This made me laugh way more than it should have.


Short Version

Point is if Weah was not currently president, Wenger would be receiving this award, because he hasn’t done anything to warrant it. It was awarded on the basis of a personal relationship and that’s corruption.

Long version

I’m not taking away from Wenger’s contribution to football or his achievements at all but the reality is they have nothing to do Liberia and he doesn’t deserve their highest honour

Even the excuse Weah gave was thin. That he ‘contributed to sports in Africa and has given many Africans opportunities’ Wenger’s contribution to African sport is totally non existent and his contribution to African football itself was minimal too.

You think giving opportunities to the best African talent is progress for Africa? Football has shown it was always going to exploit African talent regardless. The current state of homegrown football most places is a complete and utter shambles

I have never heard of his work in establishing a proper grassroots in any African country, he’s never coach in any African nation or managed one. I’ve never really seen him seriously advocate for African football either. That how you would show me real contribution to African football.

There are plenty of ways for Weah to show recognition to Wenger for the personal impact he has had on his life. To use his political power to bestow Liberia’s highest honour on Wenger is a clear case of corruption and it should be frowned upon in a properly functioning democracy. I’m glad to read the ceremony was meet with mixed reactions and Liberians call it out.

The personal and political must always be separated.

You need to really wake up to the level of corruption that has plagued the continent and the damage it has done to progress needed to improve ordinary people’s lives. Corruption at ALL levels must be opposed no matter how small or symbolic, so it becomes ingrained that it’s you cannot get away with it. So many people in power are not at that stage yet.


I just don’t think corruption is the correct term. Nepotism certainly but it’s a pretty meaningless award in the grand scheme of things so just doesn’t seem serious enough to me to be considered corrupt.


He’s directly given players from Africa opportunities they may never have received. Without bringing Weah from Liberia, Weah may never have got a chance. Weah would never have been nurtered by Wenger. There would never have been an African Balon Dor winner without Wenger. That in itself is huge.

Kolo Toure may never have got his shot at without Wenger. They were signed from European clubs but would Kanu, Adebeyor, Lauren, Eboue, Song have had the careers they had without Wenger?

It probably is nepotism but most things that happen involve nepotism and a boys club.


Knighthoods are given out for fucking bullshit, popularity contest reasons here too, as well as being given out to some people as reward for political loyalty or for being a donor to a specific party. Nobel peace prizes are given out to people like Obama on the expectation of him being a peaceful president, instead it turned out that he loved bombing other countries at least as much as the presidents that went before him. They gave one to Henry Kissinger, a vile war criminal. Nearly all forms of honour or patronage are basically a load of fucking nonsense, I can’t see why you’re getting so worked up about this one particular example. Seems a bit OTT really, especially as this isn’t a case of political corruption or anything like that. Its one bloke giving an honour that bestows no real power to a bloke he admires who probably doesn’t deserve it.


In the words of Jim Jeffries. Kevin Spacey (as someone mentioned above) got fired from his pretend job as president for sexual harassment. The real president however… :thinking:



All valid rebuttals tbf


I can. Because Wenger.


I work in a hotel sales department, today i received this, which one of you made this request :joy::joy: :wenger:


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Nah, he wouldnt forget his buddy pal Walcott, he would never ask for wenger and not ask for a walcott picture. I reckon someone is trying to impersonate him and doing a terrible job of it! :henry2:


Lol I’m gonna start asking for pics of Wenger too, that’s a great idea.


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