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I’ll just be glad now that all this MerciArsene business is over tbh. He had his day (or like 3 of them), we all paid our respects, some fans turned from Hyde to Jekyll and everyone got time to process the departure.

At the end of the day he isn’t dieing and it’s time for some fans to wind their necks in a little.


Listen mate im a bit sick and tired by people in the media, internet forums telling me how to support my club and react to this man.
Feel free to disagree with me all you like. I have no issue with that whatsoever. But weve had a full month of tributes and thats fine. However we have also had a lot of our fanbase go full sycophantic adulation. A lot of them people seem to be making liars out of themselves and frankly they look stupid.
So for the record hes not my footballing father. I dont see him as a classy guy or Le proff or any of that pretentious bollocks.
He was a very good manager who turned bad. Fair enough it happens. Its his ego arrogance and condescending attiude that I dont like. In short when all this sugar coated history gets continually spewed out I responded my response on the forum I choose to be a part of. Nothing more. Nothing less.


I don’t get why people are moaning about people paying respect to Wenger on his last ever game after 22 years :joy:


Yet people like you dont allow others to be romantic about any pre Wenger history.


We still hear plenty of people wax lyrical at times about George Graham… why does this bother you so much?

I don’t begrudge you your view, but your reaction seems out of balance with how this affects you personally.


Im not just talking about George Graham. It was stated on here that our previous league titles and european trophies counted for nothing as it was before the globalisation of the game. Same guy wants to be all romantic now. Settle for calling it ironic shall we say.


To be honest mate I do apologise at least a little. I was definitely wound up and went OTT calling you names and saying “no one wants to see that shit”. I just don’t understand the determination to try and rain on people’s parade at that time. Complaining seemed so pointless as if anyone’s going to stay quiet because you don’t like the tributes. I took it as an attempt to wind people up and shit on other people’s sentiments. And if it was it obviously worked on me :slightly_smiling_face:. I do get what you’re saying and actually share some of your feelings towards the man.


Thanks for that. I follow your views and know you have advocated his going for a good while now. Its the false sentiment of a lot of the fanbase thats pissed me off tbh. Theres a lot of double standards out there.
Im trying to stick to my views and retorted in a cheap way I guess.


Do it elsewhere


Yeah because only Wenger matters, anything prior is shit


But who is forcing you to open his thread.
If there is a post in this thread, you very well know what it would be about.
Why bother coming here?


Wenger even causing debate when he’s left :wenger:


Big Weng is out and we are still arguing about him. Just goes to show what a big man he is #merciArsene


Could he work for Arsenal TV?


We all have our own impression and way of reading things, but as far as I can tell Stroller is only saying that in response to people calling him a dick/edgelord or something equally facile for expressing his opinion.

Nah, if he wants to talk about Wenger then he can do it here. People can come here to fawn over Wenger and pay tributes, people who feel like doing the opposite can also use this thread.

I have wanted him out for some time but personally I would be more inclined to praise him or fondly remember all the good shit right now, I personally can’t see much point in continuing to slate him. But if people wanna do that I’ll ignore them and leave them be, you can’t expect everyone to suddenly feel like eulogising over him if they don’t rate him and don’t like him. They’re entitled to stick to their guns and express their longheld views


Its a thread in a forum. Not a fucking cult.


Ahhh I just read it as him getting annoyed with us for honouring Wenger for the last few weeks.


90 percent of the time when I’m browsing-any- forum I just click on the new posts. I don’t have a problem with anyone celebrating Wenger’s career and I’ve enjoyed a few moments of it myself. I’m certainly not telling anyone they can or can’t praise him I’m just stating objectively that it’s become a little bit of a circus and has been done to death.

A smaller stand down after winning any sort of trophy would have been much more dignified and meaningful, however that wasn’t meant to be so we cranked it to 11 with the pomp and ceremony to try and compensate.

Not to mention all the fans who we’re spewing nothing but venom at him for months are now bawling their eyes out is a little tedious.


Gosh all people have done is post some videos and responded with ‘what a lovely video!’

If you guys don’t even have tolerance for that, god knows what is admissable.

And it is not even like we are doing it on June or something.
On his last effing day, how miserable do you have to be to not have tolerance to avoid the thread for couple of months rather you feel the need to put snidey remarks spoiling it for those interested.

Just effing ignore the thread. Simple.