Arsène Wenger


Plenty of players say they join because of Wenger, at least that’s what they say imo it all boils down to money

Also ‘our record of attracting and keeping top quality players is the worst of all the top PL clubs’ in incorrect. We’re more attractive than Liverpool and Spurs when signing players and they lose their best players just as often as we do. Coutinho has just forced his way out in case you hadn’t noticed.


The difference is that spurs and Liverpool aren’t struggling for sixth place against Burnley and will be in the CL again next season.
What other club has lost more of their best players than us.


When corrected move the goal posts, eh? Spurs and Liverpool lose more of their best players as we do. Before this season it’s been 5 1/2 years since we lost one of our best players. In that time Liverpool have lost Sterling, Suarez and Coutinho. It’s only a matter of time until Kane and Ali force moves and Alderweireld looks to be gone in the summer.


you cant be serious Arsene, you have had fucking YEARS to figure this shit out


He isn’t serious though, he just comes out with these delusional quotes constantly to get him past the journalists. He knows that they never ask him hard enough follow up questions.

Paying attention to what he says is useless.


Interesting Thread


Not enough talk about the young players at the club right now, it really is a fantastic group (Nelson, Amaechi, John-Jules, Smith-Rowe, Nketiah…also Balogun, Saka, and Daley-Campbell-- most represented team by far at England U16 levels before their first year at youth levels for that group and they’re showing why…England youth is very talented at the moment so there’s much more hope than there was with other English prospects in the past).


I’d like them in the hands of somebody competent.

And I agree, I look at other clubs and I don’t see anywhere (aside from the Manchesters and Liverpool) that have more potential for future success than Arsenal with regards to the structure.

Whether that potential is realised, let’s see. Smart to not buy any more forwards (as much as I’d like to see Martial/Bailey/Malcom etc come here :giroud2:)

Defence is where we should be looking at. Also, when will Mavropanos get a game in the league lol, he has disappeared.


As much as I’d love to see a team full of youth prospects + old heads like Özil, Auba, and Mkhi competing for the title in 4-5 years, in the short term I think we need to buy a forward. Wenger hasn’t done much with Nelson or Nketiah to see what we have in them right now and going forward or to accelerate their development, so conservative estimate would be like 2-4 years before they can make an impact if at all, the other guys are obviously further away. Two guys that really intrigue me are Neres and Sancho (really wish we had bought him in the summer, probably will cost like 100m euros upwards in a couple years), from that analysis @Burgundy posted Neres looked the more interesting of Malcom and him to me, the one more likely to be able to combine at a high level, would be interested to see if Sven and his team are scouting him and what they think (obviously hard to know anything about how “real” an Erevidisie prospect is if you’re not a scout or watching loads of a player, especially an attacking player).

I agree we can’t buy a forward this summer because we have too many holes and not enough money to fill a few holes and then buy any forward worth buying, but I think summer of 2019 we should be looking to add one if all goes well and we are starting to make progress post-Wenger (crossing fingers so hard it hurts).


Really don’t give a fuck about signings if that cunt is still the manger


We need an attacker as much as any other position. It’s where Welbeck has played 2000 minutes this season. Welbeck/Iwobi/Nelson aren’t enough.


It’s funny that the LTArsenal article says that Wenger has given no indication that he is leaving and is even planning for the window.
When does he ever plan a transfer window?
It’s usually just reacting to who has left and then go for some bargains, while ignoring positions we are desperate for quality in.

It says we don’t need to buy any attacking players but have needed to get a CB and GK for a while and then goes on to say that we might take advantage of the release clause in Jonny Evans contract if West Brom get relegated.
If that’s our level of ambition, then it’s clear we won’t be challenging for anything other than a top six place for yet another season.

This really has to stop.
If we go out to Atletico, this will have been our worst season by some distance under Wenger, who always drones on about judging him at the end of every season.

He clearly doesn’t have what it takes anymore, and should either resign or be removed by the board.


If he goes for Evans again with the full summer to plan for then he is a disgrace


Welbeck and Iwobi are 2 upgradable players. Whilst we have priorities in goal and defence, it’s a bit of a shambles to have these two guys as quasi-first choice options for a team so focused on attack.

Need to buy at least 4 players if we let Wilshere go - GK, CB, CM and a versatile wide forward. With Mertesacker retiring and possibly selling Mustafi, there is probably a case for signing 2 CBs. In the grand scheme it won’t make much difference given the shit show that is our defensive organisation / coaching, but at least we can buy the pieces for a competent manager to work with when Mugabe leaves.


If we can shift welbeck then yeah, go for it and get a winger to replace.

I don’t expect any attacking signings though


I agree with all this, but realistically, Welbeck or Wilshere are likely to be the only players moved on, and even then I can’t see them being replaced by anything more than something similar.

As Mustafi, he was rumoured to be unhappy last season and wanted to leave, but if he does, he will be replaced rather than upgraded.

Like you say, we need a top quality, GK, CB, CM and winger, because Mertesacker and Cazorla are off and Cech is becoming a liability, but I doubt we will get more than two of these, and probably not the top quality we are desperate for.

There is so much work to be done in the next window, and if Wenger is doing it, we will go into next season unprepared, as usual, having to watch all our rivals strengthened even further, while we fall further behind.


The underrating of the unfashionable Evans continues. If we signed him he’d possibly be our best CB now Koscielny is declining. And getting him for 5million or whatever it is would be very smart business allowing investment in other areas and perhaps 2 CBs instead of 1.


Unreal how this sums up what Wenger is doing to us :joy::joy::joy:


I can only speak for myself, but one of the biggest issues is his age. We already have an aging defence and I’d like to see us sign a younger player with room for growth, not a 31 year old who will need replacing himself fairly soon. I don’t want to sign an average player (my opinion) who will never be anything more than what he currently is.


Whilst Evans would come in and probably be our second best defender (says a lot about our current options), he’s not in the age bracket we should be recruiting.

Although there is an argument that if we lose Mertesacker and Mustafi, suddenly Koscielny is our only experienced CB and there’s a need to buy somebody like Evans. Monreal can play there but that’s not ideal.

I think there’s a very good chance we go after him especially in that price range. Really good value (you probably couldn’t buy a PL defender of equal ability / age for less than £10m in today’s market) even if he’s only here for 2 seasons.