Arsène Wenger


Someone needs to step in at the end of this season and save this man from himself. They have to sit him down and not let him leave until he has a good look at what he’s done in the last three years particularly. Get a fucking therapist in there or something, whatever it takes.

It’s a horrible thing seeing his delusion get the better of him as he crawls to the end of his tenure and chips away at his legacy.


He won’t leave without management getting some cojones… he talks a great game about “sitting down with management every year and evaluating” but then comes out with “I will honor my contract no matter what” (is that actually true btw - did he really say that?) - ownership and Gazidis needs to set the stage soon or I fear they will keep him one more year.

Does anyone really see him going quietly after the season without any sort of send-off? Would management be that pathetically cowardly to not at least allow us to honor the man properly (I know, I know - irony… I want him gone, but he deserves some love and respect at the end)?

God this blows… more and more convincing myself of another year of this descending purgatory.


Does he fuck.

Guys outstayed his welcome for years


fucking better not be the case, i really dont think i can deal with another year of this fucking garbage. Another year of shit like this we could very well be relegated it is only our home form that is keeping us going. I think anoher year the fans will probably be killing each other in the stands or throwing bricks at wenger.


Exactly, it’s his fault that he’s put himself in this position, no one else’s.

I always laugh when he says stuff like “I turned down Barcelona and Real Madrid to stay”. Yeah, because you get paid a fortune and you have complete control and won’t get sacked after a pathetic season, or several pathetic seasons. What a load of fucking shit.

I don’t care about a send off at this point, he had his chance to have the perfect one last year when we beat Chelsea.


Wenger will NOT resign but will see out his contract.
He will study the World Cup and purchase unheard of players with ‘potential’ of which he will train out of them either that or they’ll get a long term injury in training.
Wenger has stayed 10 years longer than he should have done . Our performances are stagnant, boring and lack desire , an extension of his personality.
Until Wenger goes and this club returns to its traditions then sad to say , we’re fucked !!


This is sad, frankly… I can’t stand his mug any more myself but I can step back and still remember the years where he was an idol, not an idiot. A lot of leaders are more beloved in departure, but he won’t be given that chance if he is taken out this summer and I suspect the psychology of the management will persist with one more year as a result.


Unfortunately as a fan since 2007, I only saw a few years of that “idol” stage. Obviously we’d already entered the slump at that point but he was still a godlike figure and the side was playing top notch football at a high level. I think 2011 was when he really started to lose it slowly for me.

It’s weird when I watch old videos of him from the 90s and early 2000s though, I almost see a different man to the one I ever knew as our manager. I’m sad to have missed out on his glory years.

This also doesn’t cloud my judgement at all though, and I’m not clinging on to a Wenger from the past like some people (not many) still are.


Give him one more year. He’s gonna win us the EL for fucks sake. And next year he’ll prove u all wrong and win us the league. Chill BiG Weng and Svenagali got this shit.


I honestly feel sorry for you. Your like the person in the relationship that doesn’t realise it’s time to end the relationship as it isn’t working anymore.

You always want one last chance to try and get it back to old times when there is no chance of it ever being like that again and are just being delusional cause you don’t want to let go


Someone’s taken an a4tt Wenger post a bit too seriously :grimacing:


It’s starting to look possible that we lose to Madrid in the EL and still finish in seventh. Would that leave us with no European football next year?


Think we still scrap European Football provided Southampton don’t win the FA cup.


Indeed we would, but I believe we’d have to go through the qualifying which is like 11 days after the end of the World Cup lol


That is staggering.
Any other club would have dismissed their manager with those stats but not The Arsenal,oh no they’ll probably give Wenger a years extension .
What a sorry mess we are in .


He needs to be put out of his misery. How can the board believe going into next season with this man in charge is going to make anyone but his die hard posse happy. I hate that there are some out there that think giving him a bow out season next season is right thing to do. We aren’t a charity, he had two chances to bow out gracefully and didn’t so who cares how he feels. I don’t want to see our best player’s take another year out of their best years for this arrogant old man.

The sad thing is he be here next season, the board will probably say it’s his last year to soften the blow cause they haven’t the balls to sack him. Wenger will get away with any bad results because it’s his last year. He put his eggs into one basket and try to win something so he gets to go out on a high. You will hear the excuses and Wenger will have a extra bit of spice in his put down of fans and pundits for not backing him. Going to be horrible and quite a nasty atmosphere a lot worse then this year.


The biggest problem with Wenger staying is that he will take us down even further.
We will have a team full of older players, no good young players coming through and all the best players wanting to leave.

We won’t be able to attract any top quality players here, and any top manager is going to take a lot of persuading to clean up the mess and lazy culture Wenger has made here.

For several seasons our points total goes down, our goals conceded goes up and the level of complacency becomes more apparent.
Our defending is getting worse every season, and his record of buying defenders and GK’s is one of the worst in the PL, and so is the defensive coaching.

He is doing a Mourinho, in trying to get into the CL by winning the Europa League, but the difference between him and Mourinho is that Wenger lacks the ambition and ruthlessness to compete at the top level,

Anyone who seriously wants him to stay and see out his contract, I would ask this question.
What is the point?


There’s no logical reason to let him continue

In fact all logic points to replacing him this summer. He has to go at some point and the only reason to keep him going is if you’re going to extend his tenure.


These points were proven false in January, we kept Ozil and signed top players


After losing the PL best player to our rivals.
We still had a chance of a top four place then as well, and how much of those signings were to do with Wenger?
If he stays next season, it will be three in a row where we haven’t qualified for the CL

Our record of attracting and keeping top quality players is the worst of all the top PL clubs.
Wenger is struggling for a top six place with Burnley, and is dragging us down every season.
How is that going to be an incentive for the best players to come here.

What world class players will be attracted by that, and how many of our best players will stay?