Arsène Wenger


When @Trion writes in this thread i give up reading it.


I am pretty sure you read it all.


No, because you always same thing about Wenger.


Oh okay but we were not talking about Wenger.


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Personally I’m happy with Wenger to stay on now that there seems to be changes behind the scenes regarding transfers and contract negotiations etc…

My beef with Wenger has always been that he has had to much control regarding transfer. Even in the old forum I had the same opinion. Wenger is an amazing coach, players love playing for him, but for the last ten years he has had to much to do and hasn’t been able to fully concentrate on his team, players and tactics. After this transfer window I’m confident that we will be going back to doing transfers like we did during the David Dein era. Which means Mr Wenger can go back to focusing on what he does best and that’s football.

Im not fully absolving Wenger from blame, but I feel that a lot of people here blame everything on Wenger and completely disregard the fact that there is also a board, financial restrictions, shitty to average players and Competition with teams who have an unlimited budget.

The press seem to have some kind of agenda against the Arsenal, spear headed by butt hurt former Arsenal players who Wenger moved on back in the days.

Could we have done better? Yes of course, however in my opinion Wenger has done a fantastic job with an average team against much better competition and continuous flak from the media and press.


Never is it ok to type those words. #wengerout




I’m the opposite really, I don’t think Wenger is good at building a team personnel-wise anymore either and hasn’t been for a while but if you forced me to choose between giving him control of the team on the personnel level versus on the technical/coaching level I’d probably say the former is the lesser evil. As a coach/technician he simply isn’t good enough to compete with the better managers in Europe and unless you give him a team full of Messis he’s thusly not going to compete with the best clubs in Europe (and now England since we now have top managers in the league to go with top players).


shows how dumb you have become


With that well thought out and comprehensive response you have really proven him wrong. Good job.


You are welcome.


You already know he is Wenger’s secret lovechild :ozil2:


If I was, I wouldn’t keep it a secret tbh


Just look at how you defend him :poldi:


Read that Chelsea may be lining up Luis Enrique, certainly we should be in on him? He and Tuchel would be my favourite candidates, and since Tuchel seems to be incompatible with Sven then it would seem to be unwise to let a chance at Luis Enrique pass…


Why Tuchel and not Jardim? His achievements seem greater than Tuchel’s, who doesn’t seem to have done much of note (unless I’ve missed/forgotten some shit he’s done)


I don’t really rate Enriuqe as a coach and to me his time at Roma more reflects his ability than at Barca having a trident of Messi, Suarez and Neymar.

He would be awful here IMO.


Forgot about Jardim. Yeah, I just don’t know enough about him to comment/don’t really trust the Portuguese (:grimacing::cowboy_hat_face:)


I like him but i’m not sure how the likes of Ozil, Auba and Miki would respond to a guy like Jardim as manager. He doesn’t really have the experience of coaching top level players with big reputations compared to emerging talents

Think we need a guy with a bit of stature in the game to make the most of our current attack. If we were going down the route of building a younger team he’d be first on my list