Arsène Wenger


That goes for most of the first team.


Going to be absolute scenes when he gets knocked out by Chelsea in the LC SF, gets knocked out of Europa by the QF, finishes a distant 6th and still continues to manage us next season.


Whatshappenedtous is surely Drayton I would imagine right?


How low we are, to scare of Nottingham Forest???


No, my name is Dale, just signed up cos i’m so pissed off n needed to voice some of it


Good man Dale sorry for the wrong assumption.


Welcome along. :+1:


This is nothing, it’s going to get a lot worse people.

The chances of finishing outside the top four with no trophies and losing our two best players are a near certainty.

And after this shower of shit Wenger will still be here defiant as ever as the gift that keeps giving.


I’m loathe to repeat myself, but history shows us that 3rd round games, away from home, are often extremely difficult games. No matter the level of your opponents.

Given that, and our extremely shit away form, it’s negligent of the highest order to field a team that weak, and with nothing on the bench to save our asses if it all goes tits up.


We have just seen Nottingham Forest, a mid table Championship club, score four goals against us.

Does Wenger do any defensive coaching?
If so, can someone at the club tell him to stop whatever he is doing and get someone else to do it.


Ya know I think the team we fielded today was good enough to win this match, but it was absolutely shocking that we basically had two defenders lmao. Debuchy was apparently supposed to be the 3rd in a back 3 but he was playing like a LWB, supposedly we were playing a back 4 today but AMN was playing like a RWB as well. It really is a shambles :disappointed_relieved:


I don’t get the backlash on the team selection. It’s the right decision. The fight for 6th spot is more important ffs, plus, the guy wants to continue his unbeaten run against Chelsea to heal his 10 years of small penis complex that the likes of Drogba and Essien gave him. You have to understand his situation ffs, it’s delicate.


At least I will get a bottle of whiskey from my mate who bet me we are gonna finish in the top 4.

And I keep making money on betting against Wenga, so it’s not all so bad. :smiley:


Great match for a neautral but utter shambles for us

Out paced and out played

No idea why we fielded such a B team we should have have a much better team out their today defending the trophy.

Another disappointed season to enjoy under wenger


The only problem you will have is finding someone to disagree with you :wink:

I’m sure there are a few left but even they are starting to doubt Wenger is the right man for the job.


He prides himself on his record in this cup.

Why on earth would he just throw it away.


Lost his mind? Senile?


don’t any tell me that Wenger is the greatest manager this club has had because he fucking well isn’t .
He is an overrated, overpaid , outdated , arrogant and a complete loser . He has taken a team to a a championship side and were humiliated . All his previous building for the future is another piece of Wenger folklore.
Wenger should be sacked tonight fucking 10 years too late.
In Wenger we stagnate .


If I hear one more time someone say how much he deeply loves the club or some other bollocks.

It’s selfishness, arrogance and vanity sure but love? Fuck off.


If I didn’t know better, this all looks like Wenger is doing it on purpose and is dragging us down to a level that any new manager will find extremely difficult to get out of.

All our best players are leaving, he has failed miserably in the transfer market and he refuses to spend on what we need.
He is also failing to coach our defence properly and is putting out second string sides in the FA Cup.

Either that or he is going mad.