Arsène Wenger


There’s Liverpoolesque delusions of grandeur in our fan base assuming we should be competing because of our history while we invest very little.

The only way we compete for the big prizes is with 200m per year investment for several seasons before fruit is beared or with a defensive specialist like Simeone. Most managers won’t do as well as Wenger has with the little investment he has had.


I keep telling ppl that but nobody listens lol.

Having said all this though I do agree it’s time to get some fresh blood with some new ideas in. People will then see that it wasn’t a Wenger thing, it was more an Arsenal thing and then maybe they will stfu and just start supporting the team again instead of supporting the agenda.


Again @Arsenal4thetreble you say Stan or Wenger isn’t the problem, yet you say we spend similar to Spurs… that doesn’t really make much sense.




Because we have far more financial resources than Spurs, so if Stan ain’t letting us use them he’s a problem, if Wenger doesn’t want to use them then he’s a problem.


We spend a lot more on wages than spurs don’t we?


Yeah we do, I think in this case we are talking about net spend in the transfer market.


We certainly waste more on paying world class wages to average players than they do.


I think it makes sense to look at the whole picture if you want to compair our financials to spurs rather focusing on just net spend

How would you account for kolasinac for example


Funny you haven’t popped up to tell A4TT that though, because he’s the one who made the initial comparison which was clearly based on just transfer spend. If he was including wages he wouldn’t have a strong basis to say we’ve spent about the same as Spurs.


Honestly wasn’t trying to stick up for one side or the other, You’ll see my first post wasn’t a reply to anyone, how do you know who it was directed at?

We spend more than spurs and are, have been and will be more sucsessful than spurs


At this point it’s not just about the 4th/5th status quo, but the whole state of extreme dullness and the predictable state (on the field performance etc.) this club has reached is just sad.


I’m talking about the post I quoted, so I can see who it is directed at


That was in response to Aussie responding to my first post

That was a new post not a reply, I was questioning the notion we spend the same as spurs


If we cannot compete with the big clubs “financially”, AT LEAST give me some fucking beautiful, hardworking, exciting football.
80% possession by sideway and backward passing is NOT domination, is NOT fun to watch.

If some people believe Ozil is too “luxury” for us and accuse him of not hustling enough… well, then buy the whole fucking Stoke team and play their style. Have everybody play their hearts out, fight for every single ball…

Now, having Ozil or not, Arsenal football is not entertaining to watch at all.


Saying we spend same as spurs and pool net is misleading at best. Wages-wise we have been higher (in some cases considerably), and certainly in the last 2-3 years spending more in net transfers. I have done the math and presented it here before. The amount Other teams actually spend is vastly exaggerated except for city and utd and somewhat recently Chelsea. In the last 5+ Year’s both spurs and pool hav also offset spends with large sales.

The wage bill year to year is far bigger impact than transfers other than for those big 3 spenders (and us recently)


What do you think about keane’s comments:


I don’t like Wenger’s approach in these games. It seems to be clear that his priorities, in order, are:

  • Keep the first XI as fresh as possible
  • Keep the fringe players and players who do not have a future at Arsenal happy
  • Develop youth

I don’t understand why Wenger can’t combine the bottom two more. Do we really need to see so much of Coquelin for example? So what if he gets annoyed about a lack of game time? He isn’t good enough for us so why is Wenger continuing to give him opportunities when his future is away from Arsenal?

We need to get rid of the dross and give the new guard more opportunities.


It could be because he knows that he’ll have retired when a lot of these youth players start to come good and he wants his best players fit and happy.
The fact he kept hold of Ozil and Sanchez, rather than getting good money for them which he would usually do, might indicate he really thought he had a chance of competing for the PL title this season, and that he might not have any intention of signing any more contracts with us, and do a Ferguson on us.


I’d be quite happy if we won the league and then he fecked off to be honest