Arsène Wenger


Yeah united will finish above us, but we do look like a team to be reckoned with. I’m not in fear of any club in the PL, we can beat them all. Bodes well for another FA Cup run, Europa too, when we start taking it seriously


Difficult because Moaninho is lucky and we are incostant, but would truly love it :giroud2:


We’ve lost 5 league games, perhaps robbed v Stoke, Man City and on another day we beat United but it has to stop. We’re 5 losses in December while teams win titles with less… I think last season was much better than this. Winning Europa can save it but really that FA Cup final win was the right time to leave


We weren’t robbed vs. Stoke or Manchester City. We lost those games and we weren’t good enough.

You get decisions that go for and against you all the time. We’ve benefited from plenty of shoddy decisions over the years and we’ve also been on the receiving end of some horrible decisions too.



If we face them 10 times, we’ll win once or twice.

Reckoned with.


In the last 10 matches against united we’ve beaten them 4 times and had 3 draws…but ok!


What dude!!! Really I am pretty sure I would have been more use wining at least 4-5 drawing 3 and losing 2-3 times


No. We’ve beaten them 3 times and 3 draws but whatever suits you better. :slight_smile:


Community Shield counts.


What drugs are you using, mate?

We haven’t played United in the Community Shield since 2004.


Had to do a bit of editing there, the quoting of quotes was getting a bit silly…


Oh my bad i remember Jose being salty af after we beat him musta been chelsea. Regardless hardly a bad record against them but just continue to throw around false statements to suit your agenda better.


Incredible defensive performance from United on the weekend.


Yeah blocking 12 shots is pretty impressive, that must be a record for the season.


12 blocks, 14 saves, a couple of great counter attack goals. Efficient performance from United and a wasteful one from us.


How does allowing the opponents multiple dangerous chances make it an incredible defensive display?


Was sarcasm. We shredded through them at will.


Oops should have read what you were responding to.


Good article on arseblog this morning on how we get less angry and disappointed when we fuck up because it’s happened with Wenger 100 times before and will happen lots more times till he’s gone so its not unexpected and more of here we go again instead


Fans are less patient.
With any other manager, if we had gone in a run of 5-6 games with wins, one loss wouldn’t lead to a meltdown; while with Wenger every dropped point leads to a crisis.