Arsène Wenger




We can talk about how well we have played all we like, fact of the matter is united have scored more goals tonight than they have in the last 8 big away games they have played in the league.


Have to build a momentum again now. That’s what i do hate about us. We are so incostant.


We just don’t have the ability to win 2 big games in a row, so unless the schedule is very kind to us in periods it’s hard for us to build huge momentum.


Yes if players are Almunia, Flamini, Eboue, Gervinho, Santos.

Not if players involved are ever reliable Koscielny & 35m pound Mustafi.


You could have expected this result. For the past 4 seasons Arsenal got 12, 11, 11 and 9 points against the top six. With this loss it’s slighty under average, but still. In these head-2-head games it’s more likely for Arsenal too lose points than it isn’t. Nothing new really.


Yeah, agree. I’m not blaming Wenger for that. We just came up against a goalkeeper who had the best game of his season.

Yes our defence made mistakes, but they’ve been decent recently. It’s not as if Wenger said, “hey, you know what you’ve been doing recently, all that brilliant defending? How about you don’t do that against United? Just gift them some goals”


I don’t want to blame Wenger for anything particular (end game is the EL this season), but Arsenal always have decent/good stretches during seasons and when they come across top six opponents goals are conceded and points are dropped. That’s a really odd coincedence…


Nearly all the top 6 have drop points against each other this season bar city…

Today has very little to do with wenger.


Mate. It’s all good. All I know is 3 of our 5 losses have come against 3 top six teams and we drew against Chelsea. But whatever.


This season every has lost again besides city they all have


Like I said. It’s all good. This is who we are under Wenger and who we will be.


We are 4 points from 15 against the top 6, which is worse than everyone bar Tottenham, so yeah 5th is where we deserve to be.


Currently on pace for 71 points which is standard Arsenal, will that be enough to capture this mans 4th placed trophy ?


I think Liverpool will do better than that eventually. We’re going to need a bit more. Don’t really know what too make of the current form of Tottenham.


Don’t get fooled by Liverpool form atm. They are still shit at the back.


Not good enough. For already 5/6 seasons :frowning:

Shame, we could have done better with Ozil and Sanchez in our squad.


As are we :wink:. I don’t think there is going to be a big gap between us and Liverpool at the end of the season, only question is who will be on top.


After today I’m more confidant we will finish above utd than I was before the game


Nah we will have other games where we defend like garbage, we are currently 7 points behind them as it stands. United have conceded 9 goals this campaign, whilst we have conceded 19, substantial difference in ability to defend.