Arsène Wenger


Yeah and I was one of them, but as a club with the resources we have we should be finishing top 4. So the fact someone would say “ we should be nowhere near the top 4” I find astounding.


Predicting us to finish 5th or 6th is not really the same as saying we should be “nowhere near” the top 4 - when evidently we should be.


A lot of the wording was we would not finish no near top 4 may be 5th or 6th. Changing how your arguments is presented doesn’t change the wording used.


Regardless of what people predicted and haven’t predicted, we are in the top 4 for resources available so we should be finishing in the top 4.


Which aren’t really available, we made a transfer profit remember while the Manc clubs spend 1/2 billion between them, the champions strengthened and Spurs/Liverpool strengthened.

I tend to think we’ll make top 4 and challenge.

I think ‘nowhere near’ was hyperbole but finishing top4 this season would be a decent season given the competition.


Just because you don’t make full use of your resources doesn’t mean you don’t have them…


With the resurgance of Liverpool and Tottenham doing what they did, there was, and is, nothing wrong with thinking the race for top four was going to be a difficult one this year. The better for Arsenal if they can’t build or repeat what they did last season.


“There is no more money for a major signing.” David Ornstein


So then we get back to the point of Silent Stan being a cancer to this club :eyes:


But making a transfer profit while the other clubs spent strengthening isn’t an excuse.
We could, and should, have bought two or three top quality players, but we don’t have a manager or owner with the ambition to do it.

How is it that of the top clubs we are the only ones to spend almost nothing, and this has happened two out of the last three seasons?
You say, “our resources aren’t readily available,” but why?
We have the resources, we just don’t want to spend because profit is more important.

The list of world class players we “tried” to get’s longer, but so does the list of world class players that want to leave.
We might get top four this season, but even if we do, it will be with Ozil and Sanchez, who won’t be settling for the “fourth place trophy” at the new clubs they are at next season.

When they’re not here, fourth place really will seem like a trophy.


Game over in 11 minutes. Can’t wait to hear his excuses.


It will be cringeworthy listening to him try and defend this shambles.


@Kaner, @Arsenal4thetreble and @GunnerGirl, explain it.


I’ll warn you now, if you start going off on one again you’re gone for a week.


I am calm. Just asking WKB to explain it.


I’m not entirely sure Wenger can be blamed for two dreadful defensive errors from our best CB and our most expensive CB. And we have thoroughly dominated the game since then too.

This is one of those games where the players are definitely more culpable than the manager.


Play too open so United can easily counter us.


Was waiting for one of non Wenger defenders to say this.
It is an obvious conclusion yet Wenger will be scrutinized.


Exactly this, what does the manager have to do with two individual mistakes from two CBs who have conceded a total of one goal when playing together this season.

We’ve wrecked United throughout the first half bar individual details. To complain at the manager just shows you can’t tell what he does and what he doesn’t.


Does the fact that said players are accrued by the manager, that the manager has a history of mounting campaigns with a horde of error prone players and the fact that the manager has failed to deliver an error free campaign, which would hypothetically lead to installment of winning mentality into players, count for something?