Arsène Wenger

  1. Fans won’t accept it.
    Heck fans didn’t accept us being a Top 4 or a 4th placed club when there were clear evidence of financial restrictions.
    Attendance seems to be already affected. Season ticket renewal will be affected.

  2. It is stupid to declare being a mid table club, regardless of how true it may be, which it is not.

I think we had this discussion before.


Everything is just an ego issue.

How could we fix the problem if not willing to wake up, face our true self and reality?


I don’t think this is true at all. Fans know we have the resources to be better than we are, this is why people are so unhappy.

If Wenger said that we are mid table and that all we are aiming for is top four and the odd trophy he’s been rightly pilloried, because we have the resources to be more than that and everybody knows it.

Even if we can’t expect titles we all know that we should at least be capable of doing what Tottenham are doing, but at the moment they are clearly the better side, despite us having the financial edge over them. We were better than them for God knows how long and despite having every advantage we have let ourselves fall behind them.


Sorry… to both you and Trion…

To write a short response, people misunderstand
to write a long essay, people won’t read, hahahah…

My point was, fans will shut up for this reason (the club has no ambition), but on the other hand, they will still complain for another reason…
“the club has earned so much, and why can’t/don’t we compete and be more ambitious??”

Anyway, I believe that if he tells a lie for a thousand times, people will start believing it.
If the club starts accepting being top 6, generating revenue is more important than winning big trophies/league title, after 5, 10 years the club culture will change.
When you feel numb, you won’t care and stop complaining/protesting.


Will this club ever win the league again or will we be living in the shadow of his glory days ?
Did I hear right that we haven’t beaten a top four team away from home in 27 matches ?
To go to Manchester Shitty and not play a recognisable striker just proves once and for all that Wenger is clueless. A top striker only needs that blink of an eye chance and bang … 1 up .
Oh no , not Wenger.
Personally I cannot listen to the man anymore nor can I bare to see him behind a microphone.
1 nil to The Arsenal meant 3 points now 1 nil to The Arsenal means 30 mins of sloppy defending and we’ll put away 3 chances .
Sorry Wenger , you inherited a team of winners you’ve now created a team of underachieving players.
In Wenger we rust


it is looking increasingly likely Wenger had no plans to do anything meaningful with Ozil or Sanchez, like build around them etc.

They were cheap (relatively) rejects who had nowhere else to go, and he had some good players to drag the rest of his shite to top 4 places with minimal investment and minimal effort.

Literally just wasted their peak years :arteta:


Wenger is a great man, stop trying to poke holes in his character you assholes. The man has reached the pinnacle in his career, and is one of the greatest to manage a club, best ever at Arsenal. Something most of you will never accomplish in your line of work, nor can you even begin to comprehend the levels of commitment and hard work exerted in order to reach those heights. Yet you sit behind your computer screen and scrutinize the man, having accomplished fuck all, it’s hilarious actually.


What’s even more embarrassing is you spewing the narrative that because we’re not of equal success in our chosen fields, we aren’t allowed to criticise Wenger.

That’s laughable and frankly bullshit rhetoric.


There’s criticizing the man for his mistakes managing a football club, which anyone is entitled to do. And then there’s attempts to poke holes in the man’s character, nitpicking his every word and action In a sad attempt to discredit his service to the club and the happiness he brought to the fans, when he owed nothing to anyone especially most of these ungrateful shit heads. It’s basically libel tbh.


How do you know who we are from behind your computer screen?

For all you know, I could be Sir Alex Ferguson posting here on OA just for bants cos I’m bored of this shitty retirement.

If that is the case, I’ve done more than old Arsene, eh? A couple European cups, he has none lol.


I could be Jogi Low and just tired of scratching my balls (and my wife is tired of smelling my fingers)…
so I came here to “question” Arsene’s character…
I got a WC under my pants… no… under my belt… so do I have the credentials to banter??? :joy:


This I believe.


My wife said I always scratch my balls while I am asleep…
No VAR, I don’t trust her.


Have to disagree with this bud.

The moment we come out and admit something like that (even if it is blatently true anyway), we as a club will come under so much scrutiny.

  • We wont be able to justify ticket prices
  • The fans will demand why we have let our standards slip
  • It would be a PR nightmare as the press will use such statements to attack the club
  • Not to mention Wenger is a proud and stubborn man, no way is he ever admitting to a decline in quality of his work.


And players like Lacazette won’t be fooled to join us.


Can we at least say his tactics are crap most of time?


Peach it Lee! We are fucked until the fraud goes.

Also lol at trebles embarrassing post above. Defending him to the death :joy::joy:


That’s how you get noticed. By arguing with the majority over everything. Maybe he doesn’t get much attention at home :sunglasses:

I just find everything about Wenger embarrassing now. I still can’t get over the fact that Laca was left on the bench while Coquelin was in the starting XI. And as a centre back no less. Apparently we had “no choice”. Hey, Arsene, remember when you sold Gabriel and didn’t bring in reinforcement?”

But it’s fine because Arsene says, “You’re a defensive midfielder or a defender, it’s exactly the same.” I’m looking forward to seeing Per play DM against Spurs.


Interllectual dissonance on show, just wow.

We match city on Sunday, the tactics and personnel on the pitch were fine. Why are you people acting like the was no other factor to why we lost a game, that was a very even contest by to good teams.

It was a good game, quality by both teams and a let down by the referee. Yet people will come and say shit like Wenger blah wenger blah. Hardly anyone of you are being objective at all and just using he game, to further your personal feelings towards wenger.


keyboard warriors? here? never. :smile: