Arsène Wenger


This sort of stuff mid season is an absolute nonsense to be honest.


This was expected. I’m sure everybody must have realised that as soon as the renewal was announced possibly winning the Europa League has become the highest attainable target and we were going to have to really fight for top four. Since that got more difficult with Liverpool and Tottenham closing in.


I can’t wait until the AGM next year when Ivan shrugs his shoulders and says that Arsenal just couldn’t compete with the teams that dropped into the Europa League but that advancing to the knock out stage was a great showing.


"I believe it was no penalty. We know that Raheem Sterling dives well, he does that very well

:joy: Big Weng went IN!


He is right though


So we are 30% of the way through the season, how’s that decision to extend him for a further 2 years looking ? Currently 6th in the League with 19 points from 11 games, going to progress to the final 32 of the Europa League and in the Quarter Finals of the league cup. What do people rate his season out of 10 thus far ?


Boring as fuck. Only one good game and that’s because Everton where a shambles


I second the boring as shit sentiments. I️ thought Europa would be a little more exciting just because it’s new but it sucks so far.



It isn’t more boring than the Champions League group stages would have been.


I don’t know if he is the problem or not, but I want to see something different. Different approaches, different methods, different tactics, different parameters to judge a player.

My question is: who is the best to replace him? Ancelotti failed in Germany and the rumors around him looked very greedy. I want a man who destroys everything has been built in the last six or seven years. The house must go down under the shoot of a wrecking ball.

I want Simeone.


Simeone re-extended his contract with Atletico till 2020. People keep calling for him, but it’s not going to happen.


This season we have two world class players and are struggling for a top four place.
Next season we will have no world class players and are going to be worse.
Does anyone still trust Wenger to get out of this mess he made?


I think he will leave at the end of the season despite the new contract signed.

However, are there strong managers like him available to be signed? Antonio Conte looks not happy at Chelsea because of many disagreements with the board, maybe Joachim Low wants to change after the World Cup.

Tuchel is good but I don’t know if he is what we need after AW.


This shit started with those 2 fuckers tbh we played better without world class players and a team ethich. Ozil and sanchez equates to a selfish whinging bastard player and the other one doesnt even try at the best of times but both expect to be treated better than everyone else…fuck them both i rather see the back of them now and have a team that wants to play for each other not ozil play for sanchez and sanchez play for himself and his own glory i am fucking sick of it now.


I agree, and that’s why we should have sold them and bought a couple of players like Lemar who might have showed a bit more interest in playing for us.

It was a stupid mistake by Wenger keeping hold of both of them, knowing they didn’t want to be here.
But Wenger and stupid mistakes are quite common, and are becoming more so.


Wenger is under the microscope for the past several years and extremely exposed.
Why talents like Lemar would want to come??
Can Wenger sweet talk top players to come anymore??


Thing is i really dont think they are mistakes anymore it just seems to much too often for it to be the case, he is either letting his ego get the better of him or is doing this on purpose almost to test his boundaries with the club. It is like a little brat that will push its parents and push and push and see he for he/she can do it. I reckon Wenger feels now that he can do what the fuck he likes and that because lots of pundits etc say ‘he has earned that right’ it plays into his hands.


I posted this back in April…Mission Failed.

P.S. Like 4/10.


It’s hard to see who fits that profile.

I just want a manager who has a clear idea of what he wants to do and is able to implement that succesfully.