Arsene Wenger: A Damaged Legacy?


The point has been made. Do people remember how shit Michael Jordan was when he played for the Wizards? Or how Joe Montana was crap when he played for the Chiefs? No they only talk about the championships they won and the glory years. Same will ring true with Wenger once he’s gone.


Well, they are both different because they were crap at different teams. I’ll definitely still remember the good stuff but I won’t forget the bad. Sadly.


If he signs a new contract it will prove that, either our board completely lack ambition and are only here for the profits, or Wenger is so deluded that he actually believes he is capable of turning things round, or both.

Personally I can’t stand Krtoenke, Gazidis or the board.
They are going to ruin our club, and I have said this for a few seasons, so this is not a knee jerk reaction.
I have a lot of respect for Wenger, and all he has achieved here, and still say he was the best manager in the PL.
But that was before we moved to the Emirates.

If he signs a new contract, not only are we going to be out of the top four this season, it will be for however long he is here.
All our best players will leave, and we will hear the same nonsense he comes out with at the start of every season, and after every transfer window.
Always excuses, always doing it on the cheap, always, persisting with the same players, always relying on the same injury prone players, always seeing our best players leave, and always repeating the same mistakes.

If he leaves, I hope he takes the bpard with him.

I will always admire and respect Wenger, and I think he realises that he can’t do any more at this level.
But I cannot say the same for Kroenke.
He is a parasite, who deserves no respect from anyone, and I despise everything about him.


For me, only if he signs on again.

He tried for these 3 years, it didn’t work out.


Quality post @SRCJJ

I’ll love Arsene for what he did when he first came along and for the years following where we played some of the best football around and challenged for and won trophies

He should of gone after we beat Hull, possibly even before that. Now he is just taking us further away from the top and damaging all the good work he did

I also agree with @Midfield_Maestro when he says that Wengers loyalty to his players has also been his downfall. He has put way to much faith and trust in to players who keep letting him down yet have no comebacks on their performances. They just keep getting picked and making the same mistakes season after season


In Wengers best years he gave us the Invincbles in his worst he gave us champions league football every season.


You keep stating the obvious…
so just stagnate then. as long as the money comes in and qualification for the CL happens…Alls well…


Thats ended up being very embarrassing exits though and being a contender to an also ran.


I mean, where in my post did I say that.


In the Olympic spirit of participating is more important than winning :wink:.


He already damaged his legacy when he signed the extension after winning the FA Cup.


Your post comes across as youre happy with the Status Quo…


I’m pretty sure he was just pointing out exactly how asinine a question about Wengers legacy even is.


He has taken us as far as he could. We are steady atm.


Not now Rick Parfitts dead im not.


I started watching Arsenal in 2007, I didn’t even experience the Wenger peak years, but just looking at what he did, and how he beat that cunt Fergie, and going 49 unbeaten. Nah his legacy can’t be touched.


Nobody did what he did and they probably won’t do it again. Would the likes of Swansea and Bournemouth have the philosophies they’ve had the last few years if not for Arsene Wenger? Possibly not. Would English clubs have been so keen to go into countries like France to do their shopping before he showed how valuable it could be? Possibly not.

The biggest thing that takes away from a legacy IMO is a better legacy (well unless he went to prison for something seedy). e.g. Frank Lampard isn’t much of a West Ham hero because he’s undeniably a Chelsea one now.

I mean it says a lot when the worst thing he’s done is not want to leave us. If he’d said fuck this wank project in 2006 and taken the Barcelona job and gone on to win the treble I think we’d resent it. George Graham has his mind made up for him of when it was time to leave but Wenger’s never been given that opportunity. It’s not like he’s ever truly failed and I don’t think he’s ever really done anything to make him deserve the sack. It’s a big ask to expect someone like him to just walk of his own free will except for a bigger job. I just don’t think he’ll take us forward again and he can’t get more out of this group of players so there’s no point treading water like we are.

Give him a year not as our manager and he can go back to being that guy we loved pretty easily. In 5 years time nobody is going to be watching the 2012-13 or 2015-16 season review DVDs but they might have a go on the 2001-02 one and it really is happy days.


Not sure about damaged but I think assertions that the latter half of his reign don’t take some shine off of his legacy is off the mark.

You take the good which was absolutely superb but equally you have to acknowledge the bad which has been farcical, no doubt he’ll be fondly remembered by many when he’s had a prolonged absence from managing the club, however, depending on the state he leaves the club in with our star players seemingly heading for the exit door and a good chance we don’t finish in the top four it may take longer for people to look back with happiness, sunshine and rainbows.


It’s impossible to ignore his record in Europe, his record in big away games and the fact it’s been 13 years since we challenged for a title (and I don’t mean the seasons we were too and faded completely). That absolutely takes a shine off his legacy. For those who made comparisons to individual sports stars who made comebacks long after their primes or continued to play for years past their best - those examples are different. A manager doesn’t become old over night. His brain doesn’t just stop functioning. A player can lose half a yard of pace over one summer and that can be the difference between what made him successful and what turns him into a regular player.

I have no doubt had Wenger managed the club better there are at least 3 more seasons we should have won the title in, we should have done better in Europe and there are cup finals we probably shouldn’t have lost.


Agree with nearly everything that you said. But I’d say its 9 years since we challenged for the Title properly as I’d consider the 2007-2008 season as Challenging.