I hope they lose all of their viewers


time to liquidate this


Scourge of Arsenal football club is Arsenal Fan TV.


I don’t see how anyone can watch that drivel.


Actually just unfollowed them on twitter cba with it anymore. Plus their main storyline has finished.


yeah it’s like DBZ after the frieza saga or something

I unsubscribed on youtube


They really do need to go away. Shark well and truly jumped.


I so relate.
Frieza saga was the best. Anything after is just adaptation


I used to enjoy the rants tbh for my sins, but even that got dull as dishwater. I stopped watching ages and ages ago. Only posted that DT video because he was reporting live from his hospital bed and I thought that was ridiculous, didn’t even watch it. I wish they’d naff off, but they’ve gone the other way and got a tv show. :expressionless:


Hope we can lock this thread in three weeks because DT and those morons are out of a “job”.


No their not they have a tv show on channal4 starting soon


Err this charade will never end. We’ll still lose games and they’ll still hate players and owners.

Wenger isn’t going to be the last Arsenal coach that fans want to leave either.

I’m happy for them to exist in a way that I can ignore them, e.g. on a youtube channel.

Hopefully what will go away is the culture of Arsenal fans going “omg aftv goin 2 b gud 2nite loool” and other fans and the media using it as some kind of source of gloating.



Dt is a reactionary cunt, tbh.


I doubt any Arsenal fan would be anything other than completely bedazzled and starstruck when placed directly in front of Arsene Wenger.


Fucking wanker.


Oh my


Hahahaa nonce


Every time I see anything to do with this shower of shit set up makes me cringe…

Fuckin toad


Seems like the club have had enough of these jokers and made them change their name :grin: