Can you un-see something?


Jesus take the wheel.


I wish I did it earlier so I wouldn’t have seen that video, but I think it’s time to mute this thread.


Is it just me or is that DT guy effectively co-hosting that crappy channel with Lyrical Robbie now?!



AFTV really is now a kid’s TV show, for adult football fans.


find it weird that people dislike them making money from a bad situation, yet will happily turn on a telly or open a paper for their news.

No fucking different, just far less refined.


Kind of agree with you. I personally wouldn’t have made a video about it, just a message in another video would have been good enough. Just wondering if they felt they needed to do something more noteworthy given how they have been getting a bit of attention lately. Anyway, I didn’t watch the video cause it didn’t seem worth it.





Fucking fascist: confirmed.


What the fuck did I just watch?



God bless the pub. :pray:


Unfortunately I can’t sign the petition because my postecode is not valid.


Did he just half half a gram or something. Wtf.


:joy: facha af.


fuck this mentally challenged individual. You do realize he is the spokesperson for fucking Arsenal fanatics worldwide…aids.


People like Ty are even more mentally challenged in fairness lol.


No he’s not.


Moh is in the audience for Question Time lol


I had a dream the other night that Robbie from AFTV was my mechanic. The calipers on my brakes had gone, you see. He seemed like a nice enough chap though a little pricey. Might have to shop around for them