We aren’t a big club in Europe unfortunately.


7th richest club in Europe, biggest club in London (the biggest city in the most financially powerful league in the world). We are a big club in Europe by any measure except for our sporting success recently.


The length some go to defend Wenger is unreal.


The club isn’t run properly.


Oh wow, I would have expected better from you. You’re not the one to down talk the club if you wanted to make the last years not sound like failure.


I actually agree, should have placed more emphasis on the if part as I was trying to highlight the unlikelihood of us winning it


whos defending him here?


@Arsenal4thetreble but I assume its just a poor attempt at trolling, @Maxi_Gooner flip flops on his view if he should go from day to day, @rednwhitearmy I think has conceded ? @Trion and @Kaner have vanished so I’m not sure how they feel at the moment ?


I’ve conceded if the right replacement is found.


Smashed it


Fuck that’s a poor show. Wish I could take my view back, absolutely no reason they should be monetizing what happened in Manchester like this, who do they think they are the mainstream media.


An aftv video which mostly silence is what I’ve been hoping for all this time.


Because they’re all so easy on the eyes?


Is that some kind of fucking joke? You don’t need to make a video of a moments silence. Christ what a bunch of deluded, self-aggrandising jokers. Can’t believe they take themselves so seriously that they’re actually trying to play this off as a token of respect and not just capitalising on the tragedy.


Cheers for posting the tribute @SLAG. Up until an hour ago I was fuming that AFTV hadn’t posted a tribute. Now I can be furious that they have.

At the risk of passing up a good opportunity to be hyper cynical, I bet they’ll be donating the proceeds. I mean come on.


they’ve been pulled up for it enough times in the comments so lets see if they do the honourable thing…


aftv is usually offensive to both my eyes and ears


Wasn’t having a pop at you directly (the thanks was actually genuine!) but the consensus seemed to be to jump to the conclusion that AFTV is trying to profit from such a tragic event.

I have my issues with that lot but you’d have to be an absolute mega cunt to do that, and despite what I think of AFTV, that’s a step too far for me. In fact, the second I saw the video I just assumed they’d be donating the proceeds- maybe I’m not as cynical as I thought I was. As you say, we’ll see I suppose…


The CIA could use prolonged exposure of it as torture.