I dont see a problem with player-fan interaction on a banter level, as long as is doesnt get personal or vile. Troopz knows he has a gob on him and in a recent interview said he respected that Michy even acknowledged the tweet with a massive grin on his face.


And what would you say about OA? This isn’t the most pleasant place to be in after a defeat. I bet there are a bunch of visitors that browse through this forum after a poor result just to enjoy our misery. And a lot of our members visit forums belonging to Utd, City, Spurs when they have a bad run. Don’t see the difference really.


There’s a massive difference imo. OA was created and is maintained solely for the enjoyment of those who provide the content, any entertainment visiting fans may get from it is purely incidental. With AFTV the people who provide the content are selected because they have been proven to draw in the most people, and the people who run AFTV select contributors purely on this basis. AFTV is now a money making scheme and even if it wasn’t Robbies intention to entertain rival fans when he started out, he’s aware that that’s what he is doing and he is taking full advantage. Good for him you know, I don’t hold it against him, why shouldn’t he make money off what he has started from scratch on his own? But there is a degree of cynicism, whereas no-one who has run this site has ever made from it, rather invested money and not really got it back, because this place is a labour of love. Theirs is a money making venture, ours is not. People are selected to appear on AFTV with a degree of cynicism, on this site all fans get the same platform for their views.

I’m sure you weren’t getting so deep with your comparison, but your post just made me start thinking about comparing the two, and aside from featuring the opinions of Arsenal fans I don’t think OA and AFTV are at all alike.


I take your point about AFTV being a money making scheme now and yes, Robbie does have his regulars, who do draw a lot of views but to be fair to him and the channel, even within the regular group, you have a good spread of different opinions that covers the opinions of most of the Arsenal fan base. You have Chris & Tye who will never say a word against AW, then you have Troopz, DT who are strongly anti-Wenger, and then the crazy kinds, the likes of Claude, Bully who can’t seem to make up their mind and then there is Moh who always tries to be fair to all parties and ends up sitting on the wall on most issues. Also, Robbie does interview a lot of random fans as well. So, I think Robbie does a fair job of getting as many, and as varied opinions as possible, given that it’s a Youtube Channel and he can only talk to so many people.


scummy pricks…i hope this new stadium is a millstone around their neck, would be nothing id love more than to see these scummy cunts not being able to afford the stadium have to sell their best players get relegated and do a leeds with something like £400m of debt left to pay…fucking wankers!


Fucking hell the scenes where Robbie has to be escorted by the Police now for a game like this. I really hate this pointless stupid violence Football still suffers in these fixrures. What’s the bloody point?


Ty is 47 years old, and dresses like that, what the actual fuck :arteta: Thought he was mid 30s tops.


Fucknig hell I thought he was like 21.


cant be serious the age can it…maybe he is a bit retarded as regard growth hormones or something, he looks like an older person trapped in a teenagers body


21?! How the fuck did you think he was 21 lol


Spurs fans are well-known racists. Do you remember when they racially abused Adebayor? That’s the reason why i can’t praise them. Cunts.


Probably something to do with him dressing and acting like a toddler.


Absolutely disgusting. Horrible minority of cunt fans


Surprised he isn’t wearing a neck brace.


i expect that cunt turns up to games with a full kit underneath his clothes.

Dont think ive ever seen him in anything but arsenal gear.


Lovely how the “Arsenal Fan Channel” is now sponsored by a betting company and makes videos in collaboration with The Sun. Good for Robbie for making money off all of this, but there really goes some credibility of this channel being for the fans to be heard.


I have a bit of sympathy with Robbie and he’s entirely correct in what he says about it being like that on Tottenham High Road, but in his personal circumstances I think he should show a bit more common sense now and film his channel inside the away concourse, or if that’s not possible, immediately outside the ground where there’s still an obvious police presence


I like TY’s positive attitude tbh.


We weren’t kept in at all this time, which I thought was kinda strange due to the occasion.

There were plenty of police around but no obvious kettle in place. I’d love to know how they gauge the mood and make decisions on these things


Or could it be deemed a negative attitude ? As he wants average results rewarded with manager contract extensions and the like.