Yes. Otherwise it will infest lots of threads.


Lol… This channel literally just interviews fans after games, what is exactly making you antagonize it so much?


Lol there are a couple.


I want victory even more now. Cheeky cunt


You are nothing, you belgian chocolate and chips :sanchez2:


Lol @ Troopz


Fucking chips and mayo scum


Time to stick some chips up their chocolate ass.






It’s a fan channel for opposition fans to enjoy after defeats.


Brought to you from The Rock school of trash talking :mustafi:


To Michy:


That cheeky little shit cunt doesn’t even get any fucking game time, how can he be chatting shit like that when the closest he’s gotten to the pitch all season is chucking the ball back for a throw in.

Hope we do the cunts even more now. Wankers.


One of my best performances on this board :mustafi:


That’s why ArsenalFanTV is a bad idea. There is bench warmers laughing at it :unamused:


Seems Batshuyi has OA #Rattled


I hate that supposed Arsenal fans are raking it in by making us become the fucking laughing stock of global football.


It’s not just us, what about the Astra Goo Goo man at West Ham? Or that perpetually moaning Mancunian


They feel more like one offs who went viral. Thousands of fans of other clubs keep an eye on the Arsenal result to see whether aftv will be worth watching that week. They really are the market leaders by some distance