This is when Arsenal​fan tv is very good.

Robbie interviewing the legend that is Jim White.

Really good watch!!


Really enjoyed that.

I like how he loved the Ozil transfer deadline moment haha. It was a great night


“Sometimes you just can’t believe you’re in the eye of the needle” :joy:

u wot Jim?!


That’s a classic example of Colemanballs :grin:


I can’t take Jim White seriously here. It just seems like Jim white is all about Jim White.

The bit where he pleads with Arsene to tell “us” what his decision is going to be. Shock horror - Sports Newscaster asking for news. They’d love that as ‘Breaking’ News on Sky Sports, and Jim White would be at the forefront of it.

Also the amount of times he looks directly into the camera makes me uncomfortable.


If they’re going to start getting SSN presenters on there, the very least they can do, is get the delighful Natalie Sawyer on it :giroud2:



OnlineArsenal meet up here?


Hmm thread is quiet after a big win huh?


Anyone attending that should be culled.


His entire night:



Haven’t heard of this channel since we’ve been in good form again :thinking:


Well they still upload lots of vids after every game.


Poor baiting mate. You know no one on here gives a fuck about AFTV.


There is little interest in the videos after wins. It’s a shame they make a living off their own club’s bad spells.


Just had a look out of interest. Some of the post man city vids have 450k views. So what you say is not true.


It’s called the media. Newspapers don’t make money from old man Joe down the street having a good day feeding the ducks.

AFTV isn’t a true representation of Arsenal as a club and certainly isn’t a true account of us as fans.

It’s pantomime, nothing more, nothing less. And should be regarded as such.


Their famous talkers generally get the most views after any game, like Troopz because of the slang used. The problem with the channel is they feed off opposition fans watching vids after defeats for a living. They don’t watch when we win.


Schadenfraude in football wasn’t invented by Arsenal Fan TV


must we have a thread for this rubbish? It’s like the dear deirdre of fan tv.