I hate bully, he talks a lot of shit and laughs at his own pisspoor jokes. He keeps on going on about Kroenke, sure he aint the best to be running the club but he goes on him like he is the anticrist, the board is not the bloody problem at this club. They are old fashioned but i think Once wenger is gone we will see changes in the club the club is pretty much wenger in personality and i think the board has stockhom syndrome!


Robbie getting in on the BVB bandwagon. :+1:


sure i read somewhere that a fridge hit him on the head, explains a lot…

Just read it was a dishwasher…



Another AFTV song. For Macmillan Cancer Support though, so fair enough. :thumbsup:


Ill give mcmillan money if afctv fuck off.


Robbie getting attacked by AKBs.


Where’s the full video?! This is like a teaser


@Bl1nk, not sure there is one. That’s the only one I’ve seen.


More likely attacked because they are an embarrassment



What a time to be alive eh?




I don’t think it’s a coincidence the “Wenger out, Wenger in, Wenger out” post is by a certain “Shamrock”.


Haha that occurred to me too mate.

You two-timing us @shamrockgooner?


I’m not even sure what I’m looking at there tbh, is that reddit?


My mate sent me it but I’m pretty certain it’s reddit


Oh no, I got it all wrong. That’s the club, not the user nick. And I’m with @shamrockgooner here; what is this?


It’s reddit and the club seen is their flair, which shows the team they support.


Yeah that just the badge to show who the reddit user supports. But being a comment on Arsenal and Shamrock Rovers being quite a small club it put me in mind of our friend here.


I feel old. And it’s only monday. :cry: