the muppets who are on that station make our club look bad :rage:

just cos u wear arsenal gear from head to toe doesn’t mean u know anything about the club - how does that guy get a season ticket each year :confounded:


The Performances on the pitch make us look bad also, it wasn’t Arsenal Fan Tv that conceded 10 goals in 180 minutes in a CL knockout tie.


It looks bad already by the lack of fight and leadership, a team with no balls or soul.


Now dont be down y’all


These chumps are part of the reason why we’re the biggest laughing stock in football right now.


no doubt mate


Only a small part though and insignificant in any change of fortunes.


This channel has been around for years. It’s only getting recognition and bad press because of how overly negative it is. I don’t like it, I don’t think they really have anything interesting to say when I already read what I think is a good forum but the dreadful performances came before the dreadful videos so they’re reflecting the views of a lot of fans. If you go to the channel they normally have a load of different fans, it’s just the “punters” if you like that want to see comic book characters have meltdowns and spew hate so they’re the videos with the most views and that get shared.

Imagine ArsenalFanTV existing in 2003? There wouldn’t be a single Wenger outer on it. It would just be we weren’t at it today, I’m gutted to lose in Europe but we’ve got the cup coming up so we’re still hopeful. Basically it’s just a product of the environment.


Robbie when we lose



If we play good football and AFTV people are negative, that is their problem.
If we play shit football and AFTV people are negative, it is more of the team’s problem than AFTV.

If we play good football, who cares about AFTV if they are negative?
If we play good football, most likely (logical guess) all the interviewers would be like Ty and Chris and all optimistic. All positive but no negative.

Some people just like to shift responsibilities.




You know what you mean Blud, you get me fam! :gabriel:


Theo had a fight with Primorac?! :eyes:

Alexis deleted himself from groups with the rest of the AFC players? :thinking:


What, you fake britton?


Jesus, the delusion is strong in this one.

Check out the guy behind him around 1:16s, his reaction is priceless :arteta:



I’m dead. Of all the major issues we have as a club, this is what he focuses on.


Shin pads a priority…make it so number 1.
Bully the wanker.


Bully’s pissed off because he’s been shunted aside in favour of louder idiots like Troopz.


Going to take a lot of therapy/cold turkey for this lot after wengers gone…