Moh in that (yeah i watched it all…want my fucking life back) was a complete bellend. He wanted to come across as thoughtful and considerate and pointed, but he came across as a grovelling little pussy, was so cringeworthy even Neville said something to the effect of ‘oh wow you rehearsed that well didnt you, you made the same point over and over and over and over again’


This is fantastic. :joy: The happy upbeat music at the start then the sad music in part 2. Guy who made this is an absolute genius.


Must be troopz fam, bluds innit…
Ty, after 3 whatevers he should have been on the deck…


Watched the entire Neville showdown with the AFTV thingy and was bloody disappointed. Yes, they made their point about fans not getting what they deserve and that fans’ opinion counts as much as anyone else’s blah blah blah. But here was a golden opportunity to ask some really tough questions to Gary and get his opinion on the things that have really bothered us over the last 10 years. Like, ask him what if Mourinho didn’t win a single League or CL title or even come close in the next 10 years, but consistently finished in the top 4, would he think that is enough for ManU, would he still say “be careful what you wish for”, or does he have a different standard for ManU. Ask him do fans who pay the highest ticket prices in the land, not deserve the best product? I dunno, I think for near 40 minute interview, they really could have done a lot more than harp about the same issue over and over again.


He would have just referred to Arsenal’s net spend in responce to the comparisons with Jose. You could tell Neville thinks the Arsenal board is the main issue.


I thought about that but they could have asked what was holding him back from spending when the board has openly said on a number of occasions that he has all the money he wants. So then, why not spend it?


I found neville had a bit of a chip on his shoulder and just switched off


Wasn’t his banner.


Jesus. You wouldn’t be able to tell if we’d won or lost just from listening to those clowns.


Let’s be real though the performance was pretty bang average from what I saw, and if we maintain that level we will be easy fodder for the side we likely face in the Semi Finals. Here is to hoping we can find some sort of form by April.


Bollocks. We were fully in control throughout the match. We didn’t score ten but then we didn’t need to, Sutton could still be out there now and they wouldn’t have scored.


I agree we were in control and never in danger of losing the match, but some of the passing etc was very average.


Well absolutely. The sky is falling down, we may as well forfeit our place in the cup. Some of our passing was average.

So average in fact that Sutton barely touched the ball.


I never said that so let’s not be silly. All I said is if we keep playing how we have the last couple of months we won’t get past the Semi Finals. Let’s hope we find some of our September/ October form come Semi Final time.


Thought it was quite obvious we had a few gears to go through.

Felt very much like we didn’t put them to death but could have.


A case of the internet making stars out of nobodies… They all have their own channels.
Their attitudes, once you get into that mindset its hard to escape it, even with change…They will all need a lot of therapy…






He could win it by his third leg…