What happened to freedom of speech? I have no time for these people but they did give a mate a platform to state his case against the club for a ban that should never have been… He eventually won by the way…
I dont agree with a lot thats said on here but as i said everyone has a right to their views. Even the attention seekers on fantv.


Im interested in the fact theres a Guy with a chelsea hat n scarf of afro caribbean descent . Never seen tha b4 he must be a newbie ! Worst racist fans in the country I ever saw ,Glad to know things do change at Arsenal we have always been multi racial for as long as Ive been going !


Big lump aswell…




Going to practically every home and away game no matter the competition and still supporting the club despite being constantly shat on by the board and enduring the same pathetic capitulation every season yes that’s what I’d call, “fake” fans.

Get off your high horse mate you aren’t representative of some kind of higher class fan because you don’t criticise Wenger or the club on a YouTube channel.


To film himself during the game to record the reactions is what you call “support a team”?


Ya know I’m changing my tune on AFTV. It’s kinda like the whole Bill Clinton situation. Monica Lewinsky got famous just by sucking Bill Clintons dick, now that’s some insane power for a person to wield. Wenger has that much power that you can go on youtube and criticize him and you get famous, Arsene is a god. And then the video of that douche running over to Arsene’s car like a little school girl trying to shake the man’s hand, lmfao. :wenger:


No what I call supporting a team is y’know traveling to the games, buying the merchandise and despite what you think about the videos genuinely caring about the dire straits the club is in every season.


I call supporting a team if you support your team, you are behind the players and the manager to support them…

and if you don’t wait an L to show the banner, if you don’t use your passion to earn money and to become famous.


Steve of Fever Pitch is who I call real fan.


No see that’s blind support, there’s a difference. Just because you support a team does not mean you cannot criticise them or the manager, particularly when the same mistakes are repeated every season like clockwork. That’s just ridiculous. Also isn’t it only DT with a banner? And it’s not like he has brought it out this season.

Also who cares if Robbie is making money? He saw and opportunity and went for it not everyone is content with a shitty 9-5.

The best jobs or businesses are those you have a passion for, your aversion to Robbie because of this is strange.


You can support a team and be behind players and manager even be not agree with them and to have a different opinion.

AFTV members are blind, they aren’t capable to be objective, not me.

And I hate Robbie because is because of him if our fanbase is toxic, fucking social network used like the Youtubers.

If this is the new era of football, please I want to stop the World, I want to leave.


I see objectivity by some of the people on AFTV, most of them are consistent but that’s because we are consistently shit.

You sound very sensitive to be honest, blaming Robbie for the toxicity of thousands of people is laughable. They would react in the same way with or without AFTV, he isn’t a magician who has brainwashed anyone.

Funny how you won’t blame Wenger or the board for the discontent of the fans just a guy with a YouTube channel who isn’t paid over £8million to run the club.


west ham one is proper shit…

modern day FANZINES…


Fan 1: What about last season?

Fan 2: What about it?

Fan 1: They were rubbish. They were fucking rubbish.

Fan 2: They weren’t that bad.

Fan 1: They were fucking rubbish last year. And they were fucking rubbish the year before. And I don’t care if they are top of the League, they’ll be fucking rubbish this year, too. And next year. And the year after that. I’m not joking.

Fan 2: I don’t know why you come, Frank. Honest I don’t.

Fan 1: Well, you live in hope, don’t you?


Could be a convo between 2 fans today.


There is a connection between Robbie and Arsène Wenger. We’re talking about a stupid buffoon (I like this word :grinning:) and the best manager of our history.


seeing the west ham one, just realised it was west ham tv v Arsenal tv when the west ham mug gave TY a dig last season…


Best manager who by the time he leaves would have severely tainted his legacy.

Keep worshipping at his alter though.


Like FourFourTwo said, they are a social media melanoma.


Better than to change 10 managers and wait a title for 27 years like Liverpool.